possible to let sourcerer (php) output not being cached ?

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I am using sourcerer (with php) to display several external RSS newsfeeds in a joomla article (one feed per article).
I am very satisfied with sourcerer and it works perfect.

One of this feeds changes "fast", every 3..5 minutes or so ...
When I let my php script run stand alone (outside of sourcerer and joomla) the feed is displayed actual with every 3..5 minutes changes ...
But when I let it run with sourcerer inside joomla,
(I think) the output is cached by the system cache that is activated in "global configuration" (set to "ON - conservative caching"),
so it changes only every 15min (or whatever is set in "Cache Time").

(the plugin "System - Page Cache" is not used)

The question is:
is it possible with sourcerer that the (html) output from the embedded php script is not cached by joomlas system cache ?
maybe I can do something in my php-script to prevent it from being cached ?

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Peter van Westen's Avatar Peter van Westen Admin

How and if your page get's cached is outside the control of Sourcerer.
There are caching extensions out there in which you can tell Joomla to not cache certain pages (or adjust the caching time).
For instance:

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Peter van Westen wrote:

thanks Peter,
it works well with this extension 👍

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Dirk67's Avatar Dirk67

another (very common) scenario,
where you want to have the joomla system cache be switched 'off' for this single (sourcerer-) article is,
when you make use of url-parameters to hand over to your embedded php-script.

This works well with sourcerer even with SEO links e.g. mydomain.tld/my_category/my_article_name?param1=23&param2=zz

but it does not work with switched on joomla system cache,
what happens is that the first parameters of the first url-call are taken,
and all the further calls with different parameters, the new parameters are not taken,
but the old (first) ones stays the same until the joomla system cache time has expired ...

you can see in the confidential section of this post a list of urls to demonstrate this
(I leave the caching 'on' for this URLs, so that you can see the effect)

of course I can solve this too with the third party plugin "CacheControl",
but I wish there were a checkbox or parameter within sourcerer to switch off the joomla system caching for the article.
(When you look at the source code of the plugin "CacheControl" it seems to be very simple ...)

Confidential information:

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Peter van Westen's Avatar Peter van Westen Admin

How your website deals with caching is completely outside the control and responsibility of Sourcerer.
So no, there will not be an option in Sourcerer to control what pages urls to (not) cache.

Read for more on caching here: