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8 hours 59 minutes ago

Open on pageload results in endless loop

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modals not loading, running v11.2.0

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Getting Modals to work correctly on a YooTheme Pro site

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Modals showing Full Homepage instead of single Article when Removing ID's is set to Yes (Modern Router)

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Modals Button > fine in backend but strange screen in front-end

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Conflict with Jevents

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Code to Open modules

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Thumb is being generated - dont want that - open=once does not work

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Using Tabs in Modals

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How to use Modal from PHP?

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Create a gallery with modals using remote images hosted on Amazon S3

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Video doesn't start with Safari

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Modals (with Articles Anywhere) would display [title] and even [mytextcustomfield] but not [text]

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Photo gallery in a tab

1 month 1 week ago

Modals really full screen, no close, no title, and close click on image

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MODAL NOT displayed :)

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Inline Modal failing when inline content contains html table

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Article is showing to much when showing an article with modals

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Open module in modal window does not work

1 month 3 weeks ago

Article Size