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Now working on my web site

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Displaying things from database securely

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Can sourcerer be used with easydiscuss bbcode editor?

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Proble wth plugin

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multiple include

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How to Use Sourcerer in EasyBlog Articles

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How to user Sourcerer tags from within a Joomla menu item to call PHP

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Modules anywhere inside Sourcerer

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Strange (very specific) thing after update

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Sourcerer <> tags stopped working with update to latest Reg Labs plugins and 3.8.3

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Need to place some script that should appear before the body tag for only one page/menu - How to do ?

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Foxycart HMAC php

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Adding mobile detection for displaying right page

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Open {sourcerer} tag deleted on save - Possible Sourcerer Bug?

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php if - then - else

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Wrong path when included in head + inline js not present