Smaller bundles?

1 month 3 weeks ago #90568

Bruce Button's Avatar Bruce Button

I am an enthusiastic user of Regular Labs extensions. The functionality, even for the free versions, is truly amazing and helps me a great deal with my website.

I often look longingly at the bundle option, but it is just too expensive for me at this stage. While €199 per year is a good price for 26 extensions plus support, the reality is that my business would need to grow substantially to be able to afford that amount. Furthermore, I really don't need all 26 extensions.

Would it not be possible to offer smaller bundles - say five or ten extensions selected by the user (perhaps with a variation for the cheaper and more expensive extensions)? This seems to me a win-win situation: you would almost certainly gain a lot more business and users would be able to use more of your pro extensions.

Thanks again for some really excellent extensions.

1 month 3 weeks ago #90569

Peter van Westen's Avatar Peter van Westen Admin

I have looked into this before. But for several reasons choose to not make things more complicated by offering different types of bundles (or pick'n'mix).
So no, there are currently no plans of offering something like that.