How to renew a subscription?

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TM's Avatar TM

Hi Peter,

I’m trying to renew my AMM subscription (which I’m holding since 6+years), but I’m failing to see how.

In certain areas of your site there’s indication that I don’t have an active subscription (I can’t even post on the forum anymore, which is why I’ve sent you email to info@... -- though before reading here somewhere that you tend to "ignore" emails...), though my current one is still valid until today = 3 January 2020… see also here:

Obviously, I’d like to take advantage of the renewal discount… so can you please let me know what I’ll have to do to renew?

By the way, it's almost midnight on the 3rd of January here in my timezone... but "only" 16:45 in Holland... so perhaps we can get this done quickly or, as I'll need to go zzzzz at some point soon, tomorrow -- I trust still with renewal discount as I've not been too late, indeed.

Thanks & Happy New Year!

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Peter van Westen's Avatar Peter van Westen Admin

There is no renewal discount anymore (since about a year). There is only an upgrade discount. So it doesn't matter from the price point of view whether you renew now or tomorrow.