Content Templater

Make predefined content in Joomla!

  • Last updated: 30 Mar 2019
  • Version: 7.5.2
  • Types: Component System plugin Editor button plugin
  • Joomla rating: 100%

With Content Templater you can create predefined reusable content templates.

Not only can you make complete standard page layouts, you can also use Content Templater for text snippets. So any piece of text you want to use more than once, just make a content template of it!

It is very easy to insert these content templates into your article (or other content) editors by using the editor button.

But Content Templater goes further than just the content. You can also set/change other fields, like the category or title of an article. You can pretty much set any available field your article edit form has.

With the Pro version you can even auto-load content templates.

Head over to the tutorial to see what else is possible with Content Templater!