Conditional Content

Restrict content based on your conditions in Joomla!

  • Last updated: 05-Sep-2017
  • Version: 2.1.1
  • Types: System plugin Editor button plugin

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Changelog for Conditional Content

Here you can find information about the changes in each release.

You can also download older versions from the changelog.

+ Added   - Removed   ^ Changed   # Fixed

2.1.1 05-Sep-2017

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 # Fixes issue with menu conditions not working when using aliases
 # Fixes issue with some conditions return false positives

2.1.0 04-Sep-2017

 + Adds time fields in date from/to calendar selection
 + PRO Fixes issue with Joomla updater not seeing new Pro versions after upgrading from Free to Pro
 ^ Updates Mobile Detect Library to 2.8.25
 # PRO Fixes issue with fatal error when using RedShop 2.0

2.0.8 03-Aug-2017

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 # Fixes issue with date conditions not working correctly

2.0.7 29-Jul-2017

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 # Fixes issue with assignment to categories not working
 # PRO Fixes issue with error on frontend when using php assignments and there is a write permission issue in the tmp folder

2.0.6 05-Jul-2017

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 ^ Improves styling of editor button popup
 ^ Improves the way the from-to dates are handled
 ^ Improves the way the system plugin methods gets called
 ^ Updates translations: cs-CZ
 # Fixes issue with editor button popup throwing error when date fields are left empty

2.0.5 22-Jun-2017

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 ^ Updates translations: it-IT, sv-SE
 # Fixes issue with html encoded characters in conditions breaking condition
 # Fixes issue with potential jQuery error in editor popup on some setups

2.0.4 02-May-2017

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 # PRO Fixes issue with VirtueMart Product assignments throwing an error

2.0.3 29-Apr-2017

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 # Fixes issue with disabled/blocked users not appearing in user assignment field
 # PRO Fixes issue with K2 tag page type assignment not working

2.0.2 07-Mar-2017

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 ^ Improves handling of surrounding html tags

2.0.1 01-Mar-2017

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 ^ Improves rendering speed when no plugin tags are found
 # Fixes issue with hide tag not working properly when using custom tag word
 # Fixes issue with potential undefined offset error

2.0.0 22-Feb-2017

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 + Adds ability to have condition only pass when matching all selected tags and usergroups
 ^ Changes minimum requirement from Joomla 3.4.1 to Joomla 3.6.0
 ^ Changes minimum requirement from php 5.3.13 to php 5.4
 ^ Completely recoded the extension and Regular Labs Library (now using namespaces)
 ^ Updates translations: de-DE, id-ID, sv-SE, uk-UA
 # Fixes issue with Matching Method ANY not being placed in tag when chosen in editor button popup
 # Fixes issue with Regular Labs Library plugin causing slowness in administrator when 'Show Help Menu Item' is enabled
 # Fixes issue with SobiPro edit forms not being protected from plugin handling
 # Fixes issues with page breaking when Regular Labs Library folder is missing
 # FREE Fixes issue with language conditions not working
 # PRO Fixes issue with Day of the Week condition not working
 # PRO Fixes issue with K2 Item and Pagetype conditions not working
 # PRO Fixes issue with some assignments not working any more when using VM/Zoo assignments
 # PRO Fixes issue with updates via core installer sometimes failing

1.1.2 14-Nov-2016

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 # Fixes issue with browser agent check giving php notices

1.1.1 10-Nov-2016

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 # Fixes issue with date assignment not taking the timezone into account correctly
 # Fixes issue with ipads passing as mobile phone device
 # Fixes issue with links to settings/plugins not being correct when non-English language uses different extension names

1.1.0 03-Nov-2016

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 + Adds option to strip surrounding html tags via settings or tag (trim="true")
 + Makes it possible to also use empty {hide} tags to always hide that content
 ^ Improves loading speed on pages with large forms
 ^ Moves toolbar in editor button popup to floating top position

1.0.0 26-Oct-2016

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 + First stable release
 # Fixes issue with Access Level selection not showing as multiselect
 # Fixes issue with commas and bars in text area field selections not working
 # Fixes issue with tags not being handled in pdfs

0.1.2 07-Oct-2016

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 # PRO Updates agent detection scripts to v2.8.22

0.1.1 23-Sep-2016

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 # Fixes issue with date and time conditions in te editor button popup throwing javascript errors

0.1.0 23-Sep-2016

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 + First beta release