Tabs Pro issue

1 month 2 weeks ago #91982

Richard's Avatar Richard

Updated Tabs - or thought I did and lost everything. My Pro version looked to have disappeared so I (probably stupidly) bought it again. Installed and again all I get is "The library plug is outdated or not enabled etc."

Removed the sytem/regular labs and library files I see you suggested to someone else. Reinstalled my new Pro version and still nothing works.

Help quickly please - this has dramatically messed up with my article layout many times
Example here:

Using Joomla 3.9.16


1 month 2 weeks ago #91983

Peter van Westen's Avatar Peter van Westen Admin

First things first:
Place back your latest working backup.
Then try the update on your test location first.

1 month 2 weeks ago #91984

Richard's Avatar Richard