Aria-hidden=true contains focusable content

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Paul Bean's Avatar Paul Bean

Hello! One of our clients is very pro-active with accessibility on their website and they brought this to our attention:

An element with aria-hidden=true contains focusable content.
The hidden element and its contents are not voiced by a screen reader, but the contents contain an element with tabindex set or active a , button , input , select and textarea controls. The user can tab to these and hears only silence.

After reviewing the note from our client, my programmer suggested the following:

Links and buttons inside collapsed tabs are still reachable by hitting the Tab key. All anchors, buttons , inputs , select and textarea controls inside collapsed tabs should not be reachable by screen readers. Perhaps a tabindex="-1" should be attached to them with JS.

Is this achievable and/or a proper solution?

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Peter van Westen's Avatar Peter van Westen Admin

When I tab through the tabs, it skips the stuff in closed tabs.
This is something the browser should take care of based on the aria-hidden="true' attribute on the hidden content.

It is outside the scope of Tabs to mess with the content you place inside it.