Add a class tu the ul

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Laurent's Avatar Laurent

Hello there,

it is not possible to add a custom class to the ul this will be usefull and clean for styling ?

<!-- START: Tabs -->
<div class="rl_tabs-responsive nn_tabs-responsive">
<ul class="MyCustomClass nav nav-tabs nav-stacked rl_tabs-sm nn-tabs-sm" id="set-rl_tabs-sm-1">
<li class="rl_tabs-tab-sm nn_tabs-tab-sm">
<a href="#accessible" class="rl_tabs-toggle-sm nn_tabs-toggle-sm"><span class="rl_tabs-sm-inner nn_tabs-sm-inner">Accessible</span></a></li>


3 months 3 weeks ago #91115

Peter van Westen's Avatar Peter van Westen Admin

You can add a mainclass="..." attribute to the first {tab} tag.
This will add that class to the outer most div (the "rl_tabs" div).
You can then use that to style the underlying elements.

3 months 3 weeks ago #91122

Laurent's Avatar Laurent

Ah OK cool, thanks.