Word and tag highlighting

2 months 5 days ago #90397

Calvin's Avatar Calvin

This has probably been addressed before... When I am editing in the ReReplacer Search and Replace boxes, some whole word/matching tag highlighting occurs. Unfortunately the colors being used make it very difficult to see the text cursor.

Is this being done by ReReplacer or by another plugin? If done by ReReplacer, is there a place where I can either turn off the highlighting or at least can change the colors to a much more subtle one?


2 months 5 days ago #90398

Peter van Westen's Avatar Peter van Westen Admin

The editor uses CodeMirror which is a Joomla core editor.
Not sure if it is possible to override the highlighting colors.

1 month 5 days ago #90924

Calvin's Avatar Calvin

Thank you very much. You told me all I needed to know by saying you're using Codemirror as the editor in ReReplacer.

It turns out that there are a ton of configuration options in "Plugins / Editor CodeMirror". All I had to do was turn off "Highlight Active Line" and "Highlight Selection Matches" and it stopped automatically highlightings words and lines.

Thanks again.