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joomleb's Avatar joomleb

Hi Peter,
I'm looking into your Tooltips plugin and I have some questions:

1 - In first of all with a little bit of surprise I red this for joomla 4 where most of the tooltips will be removed.
So, the question is: Did you read / know it ? What do you think about ? What will happen to your Tooltips plugin ?

2 - Personally I like the Tooltips because they are a quickly and direct way to explain things to the users.
Installing your Tooltips plugin, all the site tooltips there will be shown with the Tooltips plugin layout or just the new ones we'll create in the editor ?

3 - In special I'm asking because I'd like to have the "Click mode" on all the tooltips of the site, a must in a touch mode and because of wanting to add external links into the tooltips

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Peter van Westen's Avatar Peter van Westen Admin

1) Yeah, not sure I like that either. This has no affect on the Tooltips plugin. It is totally separate from tooltips used by Joomla in the forms.

2) The tooltips plugin works on the {tip} tags. It does not influence tooltips placed by Joomla or other extensions in forms and such.

Also: Regular Labs Tooltips is not compatible with Joomla 4 yet. Joomla 4 is not yet stable. It isn't even in beta stage yet.