Article Fields Pre-Sales Question

3 months 13 hours ago #89936

Josh Gilson's Avatar Josh Gilson

Example (Template Link):

I'm looking at "Articles Field" but what I'm trying to do is:

Have custom fields the user can can in the edit article area and the info auto-fills in (data only though) Right now it shows the title too.
Also, I need to hide a line if the user leaves the field blank. so ie. {if {field 1}}html here with title{/if} so it would show data if it's there, otherwise hide everything.
Are these options possible at all in the Pro version? Also, I was having a hard time finding filter and other usage in the free version when installed.


2 months 4 weeks ago #89941

Peter van Westen's Avatar Peter van Westen Admin

Sorry, I do not understand what it is you are exactly looking for or asking.
Are you talking about Articles Field or Articles Anywhere (as you mention {if} tags) or Content Templater (as you mention auto-filling)?

2 months 4 weeks ago #89942

Andrea Malalana's Avatar Andrea Malalana Moderator

You're talking about two different components.

To auto fill-in custom field values, you need Content Templater:

To conditionally show or hide things based on the value of a custom field, you need Articles Anywhere:

Please read the Tutorial for both.