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Marcel Keehnen's Avatar Marcel Keehnen

Hello Peter,

I would like the know if the following is possible with 'Conditional content' .

Lets say there is a page with an url like www.mywesite/info . What I would like is that this page can only be seen (visible) when there is an extra 'key' in the url. If the key is f.e. 45634 the page will only be visible when the url is for example like: www.mywesite/info/?45634 .

This is more or less like the extensions for admin protection.

I would like this to be possible for all the front end urls using the same key and/or the possibility to use a different key for each url.

Kind regards,

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Peter van Westen's Avatar Peter van Westen Admin

Conditional Content can be used to conditionally show/hide content you place between the {show}...{/show} tags.
It does not control the entire page or url.

With Conditional Content Pro you can conditionally show/hide content based on stuff found in the url through the PHP condition.