Fire the modal from an imagemap

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Jim Webster's Avatar Jim Webster


I am using modals pro with Joomla 3 and wondered if there is a way to make a link in the imagemap open in a modal. I have set it up to use part of the url (sp-) as the trigger - which works with a normal url link, but from the imagemap below it doesnt open in a modal window. I've also tried to use href="{modal}index.php/sp-costs-accommodation-app{/modal} but that doesnt work either. Thanks for any advice.

Code is:

<img id="makehappen" src="images/resources/chart-make-happen.jpg" alt="" usemap="#m_makehappen" name="makehappen" border="0" /><map id="m_makehappen" name="m_makehappen">
<area alt="" coords="364,2096,1060,2220" shape="rect" href="index.php/sp-getting-a-job&ml=1" />

<area alt="" coords="138,1727,774,1831" shape="rect" href="index.php/sp-costs-accommodation-app&ml=1" />


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Peter van Westen's Avatar Peter van Westen Admin

No, you can't use areamaps.
What you can do is make normal links with Modals. Then add classmames to them and position/size them via css.