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{show } break easily on a bit heavy loaded page

1 year 3 months ago #75838

Rick Zhong's Avatar Rick Zhong

ideally the {show} conditional content should solve my problem, but it turns out quite "freaky" on a bit heavy loaded page(including multiple element: {source}{show php=""}{module}{article}{slider}) , in that it some time works as expected(like if the nested {module} is being rendered with less HTML contents, while other times(like: heavy loaded(like the nested {module} being rendered with more HTML contents) pages, doing switched back and forth) - in that the its logic(tag) will break easily! - its tag {show} doesn't get executed: its tags with nested contents {show php="return();"}article/module/slider...{show-else}......{/show} ALL got shown up at the front end! 🙁

All I want to achieve is something like:

{show access="student"}
{article ABC}{/article}
{module 123}
{slider usergroup="student"}
{module 234}

How can I do this either with {show} or {source} or something else? In another word: how can I make sure a single or multiple {show access="student"} logic within a Joomla article will always get parsed and executed reliably. Is there somewhere of the code of the Conditional Content plugin that can be updated so that the {show ..}'s tag with its logic code are guaranteed (prioritised) to be parsed and executed when Joomla loads the article it embedded in, no matter what?!
(Just a side note: I'm using latest Pro version: 2.1.2)

Thank you! -Rick

1 year 3 months ago #75858

Peter van Westen's Avatar Peter van Westen Admin

That is not a valid php statement.
What are you trying to do there and how are you expecting that to work?