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Making a drip feeder condition

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Federico Dantoni's Avatar Federico Dantoni


I’m making a Piano Tutorials membership site.


When a member subscribes for 1 month he gets assigned to a user group, which gives him access to 4 articles.

When the membership expires the member is unassigned from the user group and looses access to the articles.

I’m successfully using the Conditional Content Extension to show different membership plans available for purchase (depending on which User Group the member is assigned to) and hiding the membership plans the member already purchase before.


Can I Use Conditional Content Pro to create an article drip feeder as follows?

When a member subscribes for 1 month to get assigned to the user group, which gives him access to the 4 articles. (Just like before)

But then create a condition for the articles to be unlocked 1 article per week. Creating a condition to show each article after an x number of days (based on the member registration’s date)

“Then just like before; when membership expires the user group gets unassigned so the member no longer have access.”

But now, when the member renews his membership for another month I want the member to be able to continue from where he left off.

Meaning l want the member to have access to the previous 4 articles
and also a set of 4 new articles to be released 1 per week.

May be by re-assigning the member to the same User group,
but this time showing the previous 4 articles all together
(May be Creating a condition based on the last activity date?)

And then release the 4 new articles 1 per week. (may be basing the condition after x number of dates based on the last activity date?)


Thanks in advance.

Federico Dantoni

1 year 10 months ago #73390

Peter van Westen's Avatar Peter van Westen Admin

You would need to have the php code to do those checks for you. So yes, this is possible from a technical point of view. But writing the php code to get the correct info from the database and doing the date / offset checking is down to your custom php condition.