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Back-end Component in front-end with component anywhere works but fails to reload front-end when ending

1 year 1 month ago #76801

Winfried's Avatar Winfried

Hi Peter,

I have the following situation:
I want to show ProFiles in the front end and this works fine.
But when ending ProFiles it returns to the back-end instead of the front-end.
How can I make this possible?

I have used the component anywhere structure within an article.
Should I put the structure in the menu or in a module?

1 year 1 month ago #76802

Peter van Westen's Avatar Peter van Westen Admin

Components Anywhere is not designed to show admin side components.
If it works for you, then it will only work if you are signed in on both backend and frontend.

Just to warn you: Using a tool as ProFiles is pretty dangerous in itself. But trying to make it available to the frontend opens up a whole can of security issues.
So I advise you to steer clear of that plan!

1 year 1 month ago #76809

Winfried's Avatar Winfried

Hi Peter,

I am aware of the security issues for this matter.
It is only being used on a website were access is, both on front and back, only available for superusers and is prohibited by ip-address.

But thank you for your good advice!