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Using CDN for downloads

1 year 3 weeks ago #77062

Dietrich Murphy's Avatar Dietrich Murphy

I have a website which has all of its download files (.zip) on Amazon S3. I currently use Akeeba Release System to download the files to users with appropriate permissions. ARS locks the files so no one who has not signed on can download files (no direct links and no leeching allowed). Since my users are all over the world, I would like to use CDN for Joomla to speed up downloads. Note: I do NOT have a copy of the files on my website. They are all on Amazon S3.

I could continue to use ARS. However, Akeeba does not really support it. There are bugs and do not want to risk a live website to an extension which is really not supported.

How would I do this?

1 year 3 weeks ago #77065

Peter van Westen's Avatar Peter van Westen Admin

CDN for Joomla! simply converts local urls to media files to the CDN equivalent urls.
There is no functionality in CDN for Joomla! for protection of urls and such.

So I do not think CDN for Joomla! fits your needs.