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Backend user needs to login on frontend?

1 month 10 hours ago #77627

Jip Jonker's Avatar Jip Jonker

Hi! When a user logs in to the backend and uses the preview function he needs to login (again) on the frontend. The frontend is a 'closed' intranet for only registered users, so I guess this is logical behavior, but if the user accesses the frontend from the backend using Better Preview it would be easier to accept this user already as 'logged in'. Is this possible? Assuming the user that logged in in the backend also has access to frontend.
Kind regards, Jip.

1 month 10 hours ago #77631

Peter van Westen's Avatar Peter van Westen Admin

There is a 'Shared Sessions' option in Joomla that will let you be logged in automatically on both front and admin side.
However, this causes issues for Better Preview.
There is currently no solution for this.

1 month 8 hours ago #77636

Jip Jonker's Avatar Jip Jonker

OK, thanks!