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Parts of a formatting of an article does not show up on the target page

4 months 2 weeks ago #89517

Carsten Bock's Avatar Carsten Bock

I bought Articles Anywhere to build a nested article structure in a Yootheme Pro Builder Template page. The page has several subpages where the same text is needed. Therefore I created an article with this text and inserted it with Articles Anywhere at the relevant places in the builder. The object is a list with a special bullet arrow as you can see in the development page. Unfortunately the bullets were not displayed correctly with the free version of the plugin. Therefore I thought it would be perhaps a problem with the HTML cleanup. Unfortunately the Pro version with the HTML cleanup turned off didn't really fix the problem. Now I wonder how to solve the problem to insert the special graphical enumeration arrows instead of the standard enumeration points? The problem can be seen here on the development page:. Find it in the section "Ablauf des Workshops":

And here is the article part that should be embedded:

Additional Information:
I just added a few more embeddings on the mentioned page and saw that in other listing situations not only the arrow was removed but also the line paddings are enlarged (see object "Das solltest Du mitbringen - Articles Anyway embedded" compared to "Das solltest Du mitbringen"): Both objects are of the same kind in the builder.

Is there any chance to get this to work propperly as i have several of these situations on the planned page.
Thanks in advance for your help!
Best regards

4 months 2 weeks ago #89523

Peter van Westen's Avatar Peter van Westen Admin

Articles Anywhere outputs the full articles via the Joomla core content layouts.
How and if your template (Page Builder) deals with that is outside the control of Articles Anywhere.

There is no specific code or support in Articles Anywhere just for Page Builder. So chances are they are not compatible.