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Would Articles anywhere work with 'Advanced Custom Fields' extension?

5 months 3 days ago #89156

Keith Mason's Avatar Keith Mason

Hi guys,

I have found an extension called 'Advanced Custom Fields' for Joomla ( ), which I found as I was looking for a way to add a google map custom field to my Joomla articles.

My question is, would the Articles Anywhere extension be able to pick up custom fields produced by that extension (in the same way it does with Joomla core custom fields), so that I could potentially include a google map field in a layout which I am building with Articles Anywhere?

Thanks in advance,


5 months 3 days ago #89159

Peter van Westen's Avatar Peter van Westen Admin

Not sure. Depends on how the values get saved.
Have you tried?

5 months 3 days ago #89162

Keith Mason's Avatar Keith Mason

Hi Peter, thanks for coming back.

I haven't tried it myself - but I messaged the developer as well - he said the following:

"Advanced Custom Fields extends the base fields of Joomla! so you shouldn't encounter any issues using them with the components you are interested in."

So it sounds like it would work with AA, which could be very exciting 🙂

Once I do try it out, if it does work I will update this thread.

Have a great day,