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Working with CW Multicategories

5 months 1 week ago #89041

M. Stiekema's Avatar M. Stiekema

Hello Peter,

We have a website with 3 different news blogs (voetbal, handbal, algemeen).
Each category has his own standard Joomla Blog menu.
Then we use Articles Anywere within a Custom Joomla Module with this code:
{articles category="20" limit="3" ordering="publish_up DESC" separator="<hr>"}
[readmore text="Lees meer" class="readon"]

And this module is loaded on the homepage of the website… So far so good 😉

But now we want to use CW Multicategories from ( ) so that an article can be assigned to 2 or 3 categories at the same time. When we now make an article and place in to 2 categories, the article isn’t showing on the homepage trough Articles Anywhere anymore?! The article is showing correctly in the 2 categories though the Joomla Blog pages.
I hope you can help us with this…

5 months 1 week ago #89044

Peter van Westen's Avatar Peter van Westen Admin

In Joomla an article is connected to a single category. It is a 1-to-1 relationship. So in the database the article has a single catid.
Articles Anywhere will find articles via this catid.

CW Multicategories probably creates its own extra database tables and overrides the Joomla core way of getting the articles for the blog views. This however does not influence how Articles Anywhere works.
There are no plans to build support for CW Multicategories into Articles Anywhere itself.

For 'multicategory' support in core Joomla, Joomla has tags. I recommend you use those instead of the categories.

5 months 2 days ago #89185

Chad Henderson's Avatar Chad Henderson

Hi. Is there a way to display a list of tags based on the tag parent category? Since categories won't work, I need to be able to display tags in 2 separate lists. It's a list of services by "Category" vs "Audience". Thank you.

5 months 2 days ago #89187

Peter van Westen's Avatar Peter van Westen Admin

No, Articles Anywhere doesn't support including child tags (yet). It does support including child categories.
So you could do:

{articles category="Some Parent Category" include_child_categories="true"}...{/articles}