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11 months 3 weeks ago #77778

Odin (PKA Jeff) Mayland's Avatar Odin (PKA Jeff) Mayland

I am trying to only display articles that have both tags "Basic" and "Georgia"

This displays articles with either:
{articles category="30" tags="Basic,Georgia"}

How do I get it to be an exact match of "Basic" and "Georgia"?

11 months 2 weeks ago #77782

Peter van Westen's Avatar Peter van Westen Admin

Not possible to do that in the filters.
But you could do:

{articles category="30" tags="Basic"}
   {if "Georgia" IN tags}
Or the other way around:
{articles category="30" tags="Georgia"}
   {if "Basic" IN tags}
If "Georgia" is the most specific tag (less articles have that tag than "Basic") then it is best to use the second example. So use the most specific tag in the filter. And the other in the {if} check.
Both will work, but doing it like this is the fastest/lightest.