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Compatibility issue Advanced Template Manager & Gantry 5 5.4.12

1 year 3 weeks ago #71161

David's Avatar David

I updated my joomla site to 3.7.0 and Gantry to 5.4.12 and experienced a problem with my website rendering properly on the front-facing side. I had also updated a number of extensions. After thorough investigation, I found that the latest version of Advanced Template Manager is causing some sort of conflict with the latest version of Gantry 5 on my site.

I had a number of extensions that required updating, some of the main ones are:
1. Akeeba Backup and Admin Tools
2. JCE Editor
3. JCH Optimize
4. SHJ404SEF
5. JSitemap Pro. and a few other misc extensions.

To resolve the problem, I uninstalled Advanced Template Manager, and if you run into similar issues, hopefully this post will help.

Process followed:
1. Restored site from backup
2. Installed 1 extension at a time
3. Cleared Cache
4. Tested Front facing website.