Advanced Template Manager

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1 week 4 hours ago

Compatible with Vertex framework?

4 months 1 week ago

Error : "Save failed with the following error: Unable to save a style associated to a disabled template."

5 months 4 days ago

Error 1054 after upgrading to the new version

6 months 1 week ago

500 error on Gantry template

6 months 2 weeks ago

PHP overrides not working in active template

7 months 2 weeks ago

Support for Helix Ultimate? (Joomshaper)

8 months 2 weeks ago

After opening template and saving, it revert to joomla mode and ATM is inactive

10 months 2 days ago

Display An error has occurred. 500 Layout default not found. when manage any style of joomlart templates

10 months 2 weeks ago

Ad not showing on design site, but does in preview

10 months 3 weeks ago

Template not redefined

11 months 1 day ago

Question before buying: modules positions

11 months 1 week ago

Issues with a Joomlart Template in the backend

1 year 2 months ago

Possible issues with Advanced Template Manager

1 year 2 months ago

in joomla 3.9.1 ca install

1 year 3 months ago

Cannot open css via Template Manager

1 year 3 months ago

Cannot hide moduel anymore (since last update)

1 year 3 months ago

Seems that with the most recent update I no Longer have access to Advanced Tempalate Manager Options

1 year 3 months ago

How to attribute a css file to a single style of a template?

1 year 3 months ago

Template colours turn yellow after installing

1 year 3 months ago

No more User options after last update