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3 different modules for different groups with different numbers of videos?

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Hikashop category options

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Assignement to Mobiles only not working properly accross mobile devices.

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Permissions + Advanced Module Manager

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Documentation question regarding module content search

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I can't remove module

5 months 4 days ago


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Falang & AMM

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Advanced Module Manager is crashing some articles

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Falang and Advanced module manager

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module showing on child item but shouldn't be

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Menu item selection not working with Hikashop modules

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Exclude Category or Component (ANY) does not work

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Getting a Module to display on author easyblog page

5 months 4 weeks ago

Romania Regions/State/County missing

6 months 16 hours ago

PHP code to disable page scrolling only when the submenu is visible

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Assignment UI disappears

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Module Assignment Displaying Menu Item IDs Instead Of Menu Titles

6 months 5 days ago

Can I show or hide modulse depending on screen width?