A geolocation library for Joomla!

  • Last updated: 05-Oct-2017
  • Version: 2.2.0
  • Types: System plugin Library

Changelog for GeoIP

Here you can find information about the changes in each release.

You can also download older versions from the changelog.

+ Added   - Removed   ^ Changed   # Fixed

2.2.0 05-Oct-2017

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 + Adds translations: bg-BG, da-DK, pl-PL
 # Fixes issue with potential fatal error about redeclaring class GeoIp when using AdAgency

2.1.0 12-Jul-2017

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 + Adds translations: cs-CZ
 ^ Updates geoip library to v2.6.0

2.0.2 21-Jun-2017

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 ^ Updates geoip library to v2.5.0
 # Fixes issue with fatal error when ip address is not found

2.0.1 16-Feb-2017

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 # Fixes issue with missing files

2.0.0 16-Feb-2017

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 + Adds translations: de-DE, id-ID
 ! Removes redundant composer files
 ^ Changes minimum requirement from Joomla 3.4.1 to Joomla 3.6.0
 ^ Changes minimum requirement from php 5.3.13 to php 5.4
 ^ Completely recoded the extension and Regular Labs Library (now using namespaces)
 ^ Updates MaxMind GeoIP2 code to version 2.4.5
 # Fixes issue with uninstallation giving an error

1.2.3 29-Sep-2016

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 ^ Makes object return country and continent names by default

1.2.2 16-Jun-2016

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 # Fixes issue with fatal error on local setups using IP address ::1

1.2.0 06-May-2016

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 + Adds translations: sv-SE
 ^ Improves way database package is unpacked
 ^ Moves database file out of extension package and gets downloaded upon installation
 # Fixes issue with library not working!

1.0.1 23-Apr-2016

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 # Fixes issue with feed pages breaking

1.0.0 16-Apr-2016

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 ^ Moves from NoNumber to Regular Labs branding
 ^ Updates GeoIP database to version April 2016

0.4.2 05-Mar-2016

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 ^ Updates GeoIP database to version March 2016
 # Fixes issue with fatal error when IP is not know in GeoIP database
 # PRO Fixes issue with assignment to regions in some countries not working

0.4.1 28-Jan-2016

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 + Adds translations: hu-HU, uk-UA
 ^ Updates GeoIP database to version January 2016
 # Fixes issues with Joomla 3.5 and php7 compatibility

0.4.0 21-Nov-2015

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 ^ Moves to autoloading via composer instead of JLoader::registerNamespace()
 # Fixes issue with incorrect casing of namespaces

0.3.0 04-Nov-2015

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 ^ Updates GeoIP database to version November 2015
 # Fixes issue with difference in casing of folder when updating database file

0.2.0 11-Sep-2015

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 + Adds plugin to be able to update the GeoIP database

0.1.1 31-Aug-2015

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 + Adds ability to give the getGeo method a pre-defined IP address
 ^ Made getGeo method public
 # Fixes issue with casing in folder names causing autoloading to fail

0.1.0 31-Aug-2015

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 + First beta release