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  • Last updated: 21-Mar-2018
  • Version: 5.1.1
  • Types: System plugin Editor button plugin
  • Joomla rating: 98%
Joomla rating: 98%

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Tutorial for Dummy Content

There is a Free and a Pro version of Dummy Content.
The parts in this tutorial that only concern the Pro version will be marked with: Pro only


Dummy Content is an editor button and system plugin (Joomla extension) that helps you place random dummy text into your article. Or in any other content item that has an editor, like Custom HTML Modules, category descriptions, 3rd party content, ...

Content or Tags

Dummy Content - Editor Button popup

Dummy Content can place dummy text into your article via 2 methods.


First method is that it simply places the dummy text directly into your article. You can then save the article and the content is in there.


But you can also simply insert a tag into your content: {dummy}

Dummy Content will replace that tag in the frontend with a dynamically generated dummy text based on the settings in the Dummy Content system plugin.

Content types

You have the option to insert different types of dummy content either directly or via the tag.

  • Kitchen Sink
    The Kitchen Sink is a mash-up of the other available content types. So it will display a random number of titles, paragraphs, lists, email addresses and images (images only available in the pro version).
  • Paragraphs
    A given number of paragraphs, with a random number of sentences and words.
  • Sentences
    A given number of sentences, with a random number words.
  • Words
    A given number of words.
  • List
    An ordered or unordered list with a given number of list items (or random amount).
  • Title
    A given number of words in title case.
  • Email
    An email address consisting of dummy words for the part before and after the @ sign.
  • Image Pro only
    An image with the given width and height. The image will be generated by one of the online dummy image services. See under 'Images' for further explanation.


You can place a {dummy} anywhere you can enter content in Joomla.

Dummy Content will replace that tag in the frontend with a dynamically generated dummy text based on the settings in the Dummy Content system plugin.

But you can overrule pretty much any setting inside the tag to make it output what you want.

The editor button will generate the appropriate tag according to the settings in the editor button popup.

Here is an explanation of all the available types and settings you can place in the tag to overrule the default settings (set in the Dummy Content system plugin):

  • Kitchen Sink
    {dummy kitchensink}
  • Paragraphs
    {dummy p="2"} or {dummy paragraphs="2"} for 2 paragraphs, {dummy p="5"} for 5 paragraphs, etc.
  • Sentences
    {dummy s="10"} or {dummy sentences="10"} for 10 sentences, {dummy s="20"} for 20 sentences, etc.
  • Words
    {dummy w="100"} or {dummy words="100"} for 100 words, {dummy w="200"} for 200 words, etc.
  • List
    {dummy l="random"} or {dummy list="random"} for a list with 2 to 10 list items, {dummy l="5" listtype="ul"} for an unordered list with 5 list items, {dummy l="3" listtype="ol"} for an ordered list with 3 list items, etc.
  • Title
    {dummy t="5"} or {dummy title="5"} for 5 words in title case, {dummy t="10"} for 10 words in title case, etc.
  • Email
    {dummy e} or {dummy email} for an email address.
  • Image Pro only
    {dummy i} or {dummy image} for an image. See under 'Images' for further explanation

Word Lists Pro only

By default Dummy Content will use random words from the famous Lorem Ipsum text to generate the different texts.

The Pro version however, offers you a bunch of alternative word lists to choose from.

You can set a word list as default in the Dummy Content system plugin settings. But you can also override the default setting via the {dummy} tag using wordlist="...".

Here a list of the available alternative word lists and an example of the text it can generate:

  • Arabic
  • Bacon Ipsum
  • Baseball Ipsum
  • Bavaria Ipsum
  • Beer Ipsum
  • Bowie Ipsum
  • Cheese Ipsum
  • Corporate Ipsum
  • Cupcake Ipsum
  • Cyrillic
  • Esperanto
  • Fishier Ipsum
  • Gangsta Ipsum
  • Gibberish Ipsum
  • Greek
  • Hebrew
  • Hindi
  • Hipster Ipsum
  • Interlingua
  • L33tspeak
  • Lorem Ipsum
  • Luxembourgish
  • Pommy Ipsum
  • Quenya
  • Slovio
  • Sona
  • Space Ipsum
  • Tokipona
  • Volapük
  • Web 2.0 Ipsum
  • What? Nothing!

See below for examples

Custom Word Lists

Want to add your own Word List?
Just add a simple .txt file to the folder plugins/system/dummycontent/src/wordlists

Then in that file you can place each phrase (word, sentence or even a complete paragraph) on it's own line. So the file contains an enter-separated list.
You can look at the contents of the other Word List files as an example.

Words and short phrases should be lowercase (unless you want to force an uppercase, for instance with the first letter of names).
Sentences and paragraphs should end with a period or other ending character.

For instance, if you want to have a custom word list with a bunch of words and sentences concerning 'Startrek', you can create a file:

The content of that startrek.txt file could look like:

Starship Enterprise
Shields up!
Damage report?
I recommend we transfer power to phasers and arm the photon torpedoes.
Something strange on the detector circuit.
The weapons must have disrupted our communicators.
hydrogen-carbon helix patterns
... etc ...

Diacritical Marks Pro only

With the Pro version you can randomly add diacritical marks to letters.

You can set a language (set of diacritical marks) as default in the Dummy Content system plugin settings. But you can also override the default setting via the {dummy} tag using diacritics=.

Here a list of the available languages to choose from:

  • Czech: á č ď é ě í ň ó ř š ť ú ů ý ž
  • Danish: å æ é ø
  • Dutch: é ë ï ó ö ü
  • Esperanto: ĉ ĝ ĥ ĵ ŝ ŭ
  • Finnish: ä å ö
  • French: à â æ ç é è ê ë ï î ô œ ù û ü ÿ
  • German: ä ö ü
  • Hungarian: á é í ö ó ő ü ú ű
  • Icelandic: á æ ð é í ó ö ú ý
  • Italian: à è é ì ò ó ù
  • Maori: ā ē ī ō ū
  • Norwegian: å æ â é è ê ø ó ò ô
  • Polish: ą ć ę ł ń ó ś ź ż
  • Portuguese: ã á â à ç é ê í õ ó ô ú ü
  • Romanian: ă â î ș ş ţ ț
  • Russian: а б в г д е ё ж з и й к л м н о п р с т у ф х ц ч ш щ ы э ю я
  • Spanish: á é í ñ ó ú ü
  • Swedish: ä å é ö
  • Turkish: ç ğ ı İ ı ö ş ü
  • Welsh: â ê î ô û ŵ ŷ ä ë ï ö ü ẅ ÿ á é í ó ú ẃ ý à è ì ò ù ẁ ỳ

See below for examples

Images Pro only

In the Pro version of Dummy Content you can also generate dummy images.

There are a range of online dummy image services you can choose from. Each have different options, like text overlays, photo categories, colour scheme, foreground and background colours.

Here is a list of the available image services and some example images:


  • PickaDummy.com (Default)
  • DummyImage.com
  • FakeIMG.pl
  • PlaceHolder.com
  • PlaceSkull.com

    [Click on image to refresh]


  • LoremPixel.com (can be very slow)

    [Click on image to refresh]
  • PlaceIMG.com

    [Click on image to refresh]
  • PlaceBeard.it

    [Click on image to refresh]
  • Unsplash.it (can be very slow)

    [Click on image to refresh]


Below are some examples of generated dummy texts via the {dummy} tag.


{dummy paragraphs="3"}

Lacus magna mi, duis consequat convallis diam pharetra felis aptent ligula laoreet nullam venenatis eros. Himenaeos feugiat erat scelerisque nulla congue laoreet dolor.

Habitasse sociosqu rhoncus pulvinar vehicula inceptos class. Lacinia taciti, porta tincidunt lacinia, cras et erat id malesuada tortor. Metus class dolor inceptos, torquent ante malesuada fermentum senectus in varius lobortis faucibus. Et maecenas ultrices tincidunt nunc pharetra litora fusce malesuada risus risus litora enim sagittis risus odio conubia venenatis ante curabitur.

Sed lacinia erat, non nam condimentum vitae ac elit. Lectus risus volutpat libero neque, nisl non egestas sodales primis risus tempor. Vulputate nunc nam suscipit nisi curae viverra, odio odio donec praesent tortor consequat nulla faucibus integer euismod neque.


{dummy sentences="5"}
Eget vitae fusce congue fermentum, tincidunt sit hendrerit aliquet libero sapien litora erat in. Aptent dui accumsan, facilisis ornare augue, sed libero rutrum accumsan ligula ipsum a massa. Vulputate fusce diam dictumst, aliquet fames lacus non, aptent cubilia habitasse! Sed erat quisque rutrum, duis tortor massa orci, semper luctus sapien mauris posuere convallis hac. Convallis ligula rhoncus, turpis vestibulum laoreet sem phasellus hendrerit.


{dummy words="200"}
tellus lacus sagittis rhoncus sociosqu molestie himenaeos praesent ac lacus id eget vulputate condimentum integer egestas amet mi nibh lobortis nec porttitor arcu mollis pretium morbi phasellus leo sapien sociosqu pretium adipiscing in fusce malesuada lectus nibh bibendum augue vitae interdum tempus semper tellus tellus luctus potenti dictum dapibus aliquet diam bibendum odio fringilla velit primis vel augue adipiscing habitant dapibus varius mollis nam et volutpat amet duis est pellentesque nisl et aenean dictumst tincidunt mi ac et ultricies laoreet faucibus habitasse aliquet hendrerit tempus dolor felis sem ad rhoncus sem fames libero vehicula ullamcorper fermentum ad nunc potenti lectus ultrices pharetra bibendum consequat fames pretium vestibulum netus et mollis duis vehicula porta platea at potenti quis pulvinar faucibus eros fames elementum dictum imperdiet eleifend pulvinar nam maecenas vivamus feugiat pharetra viverra vulputate mollis habitasse praesent eget auctor hac semper in gravida vivamus lacinia senectus mi curae vestibulum tortor nec curae ligula dolor vulputate est eget dui nisi enim nisi rutrum mollis aliquam vestibulum per ut vestibulum habitasse justo nam primis viverra mauris venenatis semper dui viverra netus quisque lectus sit potenti nullam sodales viverra vestibulum varius ullamcorper tristique hendrerit nam lorem cubilia suscipit a diam tempus fringilla torquent sociosqu


{dummy list}
  • scelerisque ultrices dictumst sagittis viverra pharetra augue cursus enim eu
  • nulla arcu dolor
  • cubilia ipsum amet aliquam metus urna a
  • lobortis mattis dui inceptos
  • lorem convallis gravida morbi accumsan convallis pellentesque sit
{dummy list="5" listtype="ordered"}
  1. quisque nullam feugiat aliquet vestibulum
  2. habitant justo integer porta
  3. eget congue duis porttitor adipiscing etiam euismod
  4. mattis dolor fusce diam libero fames molestie odio erat pulvinar
  5. consectetur cubilia posuere netus iaculis nullam


{dummy title="10"}
Elementum Feugiat Dictum Habitant Nunc Euismod Dui Posuere Ultricies At


{dummy email}


{dummy image}


{dummy type="image" width="500" height="200" greyscale="yes" text="dimensions" font="3Dumb"}


{dummy type="image" width="500" height="200" service="lorempixel" category="animals" text="My Image"}


{dummy type="image" width="300" height="300" service="placeskull"}

Kitchen Sink

{dummy kitchensink}

Risus Augue Bibendum

Himenaeos Condimentum Augue Tortor Purus

Eros quisque potenti tortor nibh mollis a quisque. Amet nec torquent posuere, mi dolor proin vehicula vulputate platea nostra aptent dui viverra. Netus integer bibendum lobortis massa ullamcorper venenatis. Eros ornare porta enim condimentum, cursus quam scelerisque sapien imperdiet ipsum nostra ultricies molestie quam. Dictumst duis lorem accumsan leo phasellus. Per consectetur scelerisque per posuere suspendisse tempus nostra, torquent mauris ante ullamcorper pulvinar elementum risus. Enim aliquet tempus ligula id ac mi taciti senectus pharetra tortor tempor morbi hac dapibus arcu nibh tincidunt nam habitant.

Accumsan Laoreet Phasellus Libero Fusce

  • sem suscipit laoreet
  • sit magna tincidunt ac habitasse sed tempus euismod aptent

Pharetra eget lectus netus fringilla egestas habitant commodo nullam inceptos feugiat congue aliquam pulvinar platea lacus! Felis auctor odio, volutpat lorem torquent, potenti urna pharetra dictum enim at netus. Volutpat fusce diam, urna felis pharetra pretium, erat primis scelerisque metus habitant fames sodales; Ultrices mauris, tincidunt interdum tellus a, ad tortor rutrum morbi tristique sit. Mi cubilia mauris neque blandit aptent donec fringilla eleifend varius consequat convallis sapien erat sociosqu vel risus.

Bibendum Accumsan Dapibus Proin Leo

Non phasellus curabitur rutrum curae taciti faucibus eleifend consectetur ultricies luctus sociosqu tincidunt mauris cubilia quam nunc est conubia. Varius faucibus cubilia orci lorem molestie bibendum dictumst rhoncus suspendisse molestie. Sit taciti lacus lobortis tristique nibh netus pretium taciti ac. Ad non non nisi ultrices diam phasellus eleifend platea torquent suspendisse mi hac condimentum arcu habitasse venenatis potenti vestibulum. Nullam enim sed gravida tempor!

  1. fames habitant molestie odio sit commodo primis
  2. luctus massa dolor commodo venenatis pellentesque
  3. faucibus lobortis vitae neque in
  4. platea dui porta dolor rutrum habitant erat tortor velit
  5. rutrum et enim

Sem Maecenas Tortor

Odio nostra praesent ultrices dapibus velit; Non orci purus tortor fermentum sapien suscipit aenean ipsum suscipit lobortis purus.

Suspendisse Curabitur

Sociosqu elit elit, sed netus cursus pharetra, in purus hac laoreet hac lobortis eros augue. Vulputate curabitur, non dictumst enim lorem, molestie convallis leo. Amet donec nam pretium mauris pretium, justo sociosqu donec nulla leo dolor est eleifend morbi suspendisse torquent.

Word lists Pro only


{dummy wordlist="Arabic" s="3"}
بعد ولكسمبورغ, ووصف يرتبط شعار, ممثّلة جوي الضروري! علاقة الغزو وبالتحديد، هيروشيما بالتوقيع حرب الساحل, لها القصف وتنامت الموسوعة ميناء بل لها غريمه لها النازية، إحتار. هذه جُل, لم مما الأوروبي, الجنوبي قهر والديون.

Bacon Ipsum

{dummy wordlist="Bacon" s="3"}
Flank ham non irure exercitation velit pig anim dolor fugiat incididunt labore officia nostrud landjaeger pig. Tail mollit mollit, ut eu chuck, kevin magna aliquip consectetur doner deserunt porchetta ribeye. Meatloaf nisi ullamco short ribs.

Baseball Ipsum

{dummy wordlist="Baseball" s="3"}
Bush league pinch runner left fielder designated hitter in the hole gold glove. Extra innings foul line interleague season cup of coffee extra innings shift baseline cookie sidearm game ejection contact earned run. Fenway sacrifice left field save hit by pitch silver slugger can of corn home batting average range.

Bavaria Ipsum

{dummy wordlist="Bavaria" s="3"}
Spezi de Schbozal, Schnacksln kimmt So nix. Gamsbart ned schnacksln Vergeltsgott jedza Buachbinda ned Heimatland wujn. Scheans wann Musi griaß Bayer wiavui Deandl Au Gott basd sagrisch helfgod umma Wia A Prosd!

Beer Ipsum

{dummy wordlist="Beer" s="3"}
Pitching attenuation bung, top-fermenting krug bittering, racking barrel pub sparge oxidized biere lauter wit. Black biere plato secondary, copper kolsch enzymes, bitter priming bright bittering anaerobic sour krausen all-malt. Shelf cask terminal real sparge length!

Bowie Ipsum

{dummy wordlist="Bowie" s="3"}
I can stare for a thousand years. I've got more friends than I've had hot dinners. Throwing darts in lovers' eyes.

Cheese Ipsum

{dummy wordlist="Cheese" s="3"}
The big cheese roquefort mascarpone cheesecake roquefort. De normandie cut the cheese gouda macaroni! Blue fondue roquefort cheddar, cheeseburger edam port-salut dolcelatte pecorino st. agur feta feta mascarpone.

Corporate Ipsum

{dummy wordlist="Corporate" s="3"}
Objectively seize scalable metrics whereas proactive e-services, Energistically scale future-proof core competencies vis-a-vis impactful experiences Credibly reintermediate backend ideas for cross-platform models. Enthusiastically leverage existing premium quality vectors with enterprise-wide innovation, Proactively leverage other resource-leveling convergence rather than inter-mandated networks Completely iterate covalent strategic theme areas via accurate e-markets. Objectively pursue diverse catalysts for change for interoperable meta-services, Proactively leverage other resource-leveling convergence rather than inter-mandated networks, Dramatically engage top-line web services vis-a-vis cutting-edge deliverables.

Cupcake Ipsum

{dummy wordlist="Cupcake" s="3"}
Cheesecake ice cream faworki, fruitcake sweet faworki, brownie muffin cupcake oat cotton candy. Wafer wafer, fruitcake halvah ice cream, sesame snaps sweet roll wafer donut applicake sweet roll; Jelly sit amet lollipop tiramisu amet pie lemon drops macaroon pie sesame snaps pudding tiramisu cotton candy cheesecake!


{dummy wordlist="Cyrillic" s="3"}
Зймюл Рэктэквуэ модо лобортис азжюывырит адхюк попюльо, жплэндидэ опортэры ёужто Пэрчёус Алёквюам импэрдеэт молэчтёэ нонюмэш лорэм про бонорюм выльёт. Эрюдитя ырант аутым Дёко коррюмпит фабулаз конвынёры Аугюэ харюм молыжтйаы алиё Дэтракто црял нужквюам Мэя съюммо Дэлььынётё. Лыгимуз ныморэ ыкчпэтында эффякиантур жплэндидэ Убяквюэ лудуз, дэбетиз мныжаркхюм эрюдитя дикунт пэркйпет вэре жямиляквюы долорэм волуптюа номинави Аккюмзан.


{dummy wordlist="Esperanto" s="3"}
Scivolema s'joro super estiel alikaŭze san sor certa al memmortigo tiela inkluzive s'joro. Rolfinaĵo postpriskribo jesi, okcidente nu oj du, interjekcio vir ien. Hosana id halo' gibi anstataŭ kurta zorgi antaŭeniri dato akuzativo nigra help pronomeca rilate geto.

Fishier Ipsum

{dummy wordlist="Fishier" s="3"}
Rockweed gunnel grunion, char luminous hake zebra pleco, bocaccio ricefish barramundi gombessa bluefish wormfish. Barracudina halfmoon ribbonbearer Manta Ray tope whiting, spotted danio freshwater flyingfish harelip sucker koi walleye Steve fish barracudina! Green swordtail Rabbitfish cuckoo wrasse elephantnose fish medaka amago riffle dace mullet deep sea bonefish squaretail bocaccio creek chub channel bass.

Gangsta Ipsum

{dummy wordlist="Gangsta" s="3"}
This neque erat m rizzle bomb augue vel yippiyo sollicitudin mamma maurizzle prizzle. Montes augue sagittizzle ass curabitizzle cum. Laorizzle go penatibus, of venenatis pulvinizzle bomb, quam neque amet vulputate stuff the interdum!


{dummy wordlist="Gibberish" s="3"}
Hyena licentiously tortoise scowled rewound beyond sleazy hyena inventoried forceful suavely. Single-minded drew safely blubbered bombastic bounced beat inconspicuous reasonable indecisively curt sanely sore frailly overtook impassive destructively rational stood. Turtle fatefully flawless dashingly savagely panther while, menacing danced cost fallaciously excluding brilliantly.


{dummy wordlist="Greek" s="3"}
Παυλω αδιπισι αλικυανδο λεγενδως Κυις σιγνιφερυμκυε μεις κυωδ σινγυλις εραντ Φιθαε αδιπισινγ. Υθ Φιθαε ορναθυς σολεατ σεδ ομνες νωμιναφι σαδιψσινγ δωλορε θχεωπηραστυς Ινδοστυμ Φιμ κυιδαμ θαλε Πυθενθ ρεβυμ. Σομπρεχενσαμ διαμ φερθερεμ φιδερερ μενθιτυμ σονσεσθεθυερ μεις.


{dummy wordlist="Hebrew" s="3"}
לאחרונה מדריכים הספרות ואמנות ויש למחיקה העמוד קישורים כניסה היסטוריה מושגי פיסיקה או ומדעים טכנולוגיה ריקוד; הספרות כלים ויש המקובל בקר זקוק להפוך ויקי טכנולוגיה לרפובליקה בהשחתה אנגלית. החופשית עזה רבה תיקונים האטמוספירה, מיוחדים החופשית ואלקטרוניקה זאת העריכהגירסאות מיותר הספרות בארגז מונחונים לחיבור בה.


{dummy wordlist="Hindi" s="3"}
पहेला सुस्पश्ट संभव मानसिक बहतर वर्णित बलवान संस्था ७०है भारतीय जैसे बनाकर प्रदान. आशाआपस माध्यम प्रव्रुति बीसबतेबोध ।क माहितीवानीज्य मुख्य निर्माण अनुकूल आपके. किएलोग लोगो सुनत, निर्माता मार्गदर्शन जिवन करती प्राथमिक उदेशीत रखते सहयोग कार्य आवश्यकत.

Hipster Ipsum

{dummy wordlist="Hipster" s="3"}
Retro Marfa banjo selfies semiotics tofu fanny pack. Pop-up Helvetica locavore Odd Future farm-to-table disrupt paleo Austin put a bird on it. PBR biodiesel bespoke VHS roof party Blue Bottle.


{dummy wordlist="Interlingua" s="3"}
Capital millennios vocabulos introduction debitas, capital specimen pan medical primarimente. Vocabulos vostre hereditage instruite vostre. Publicava moderne secundo, vices gymnasios extrahite, human programma abstracte periodicos toto addresses articulos.


{dummy wordlist="L33tspeak" s="3"}
91ve f4m1|14r z33 P4935 BuT +o h4D KWIckLy tR@nz|_4t3d L1kE. |247h3r Wh1Ch 937 tH4T 0u7 0u7 N0+ aLL CaN iz 0f73n 4cc355 kvv3r33 45 kvv3r33 tH4T Iph qu3ry; Joo \/\/3b 4s, U5Ed M@Y Up 4cc355 p1>< 74|<3z 835T!

Lorem Ipsum

{dummy wordlist="Lorem" s="3"}
Fames tempus vel nullam nibh convallis ut quis vestibulum augue class egestas at accumsan euismod platea. Malesuada ante euismod sollicitudin tristique cras, eu faucibus imperdiet himenaeos non nostra. Interdum ornare ante felis sit potenti pellentesque imperdiet suscipit in class malesuada cras adipiscing imperdiet.


{dummy wordlist="Luxembourgish" s="3"}
En d'Hiezer Mamm hire méi si voll Stret, lait klinzecht all frou lait ke Gaart am Hämmel Gaas Eisen bereet. Himmel haut wait gutt d'Margréitchen main hie hir hire dénen Fläiß Ierd gudden hier meescht jeitzt Himmel. Alle bei Stad Hemecht schaddreg Plett'len bei, prächteg iweral iwerall déi hier alles ze wär schlon méngem Margréitchen voll.

Pommy Ipsum

{dummy wordlist="Pommy" s="3"}
Bangers and mash, earwig punter the fuzz porky-pies fancy a cuppa. Ey up porky-pies doofer, posh nosh Geordie, porky-pies willy clotted cream the fuzz bog off. Yorkshire mixture Victoria sponge cake sweets, it's the bees knees.


{dummy wordlist="Quenya" s="3"}
Úil rondë tasar írë holmë sat mer tin hui tehto cor tyávë eteminya elendë oia quesset tella. Car hlonítë remba ava yén fëa nar pé píca vië tussa úquétima tuo manwa Úr. Anwavë urúva leryalehtya yanen, lindë heri íta not, quí tenna histë llo leryalehtya hala.


{dummy wordlist="Slovio" s="3"}
Maluo delame vorcxanie utratite cxetvert roditelis ti, ekonomju nadeam zdrovie om obuv pomocijt domovijt zima. Priatelica grud vsektor komnat, bistruo domo sam, cxesajm rodzinuf cxehzem mezxunarodju. Eda mezxunarodju drugica mislijm tipis.


{dummy wordlist="Sona" s="3"}
Decen nuru tu iraxin gonyo, giuma zadiri lasin igoyo inio zina. Ureli gasin kin iso tenka runbi nusi amadaci si vio keya isavi paimoda meseda zi ruba adda gisone falio kuce. Game ili lakada keya zame uci amulio inio akadi izo inio abu kin ta iko iseda unama isuje ban fada.

Space Ipsum

{dummy wordlist="Space" s="3"}
When I orbited the Earth in a spaceship, I saw for the first time how beautiful our planet is. Mankind, let us preserve and increase this beauty, and not destroy it. The dreams of yesterday are the hopes of today and the reality of tomorrow. The Earth was small, light blue, and so touchingly alone, our home that must be defended like a holy relic. The Earth was absolutely round. I believe I never knew what the word round meant until I saw Earth from space.


{dummy wordlist="Tokipona" s="3"}
Poka akesi tu lupa, oth noka sitelen, open toki kiwen kalama insa poka. E akesi taso, linja suwi suwi, olin ni utala ken kiwen kule luka sike! Musi ni ko, pakala pipi noka mi unpa suli palisa mu.


{dummy wordlist="Volapük" s="3"}
Morbi sem faucibus potenti pharetra. Lacus nisi eros viverra fermentum fusce varius. Curae torquent volutpat ornare molestie iaculis quam primis phasellus faucibus sapien placerat phasellus malesuada duis in litora netus placerat aliquet.

Web 2.0 Ipsum

{dummy wordlist="Web 2.0" s="3"}
Dropio wufoo jibjab etsy babblely kaboodle, trulia mog wesabe cloudera oooooc. Babblely groupon dropio elgg webtwo plickers vimeo hulu oovoo reddit. Dopplr wufoo kaboodle divvyshot blyve groupon hipmunk joukuu meebo zanga gsnap prezi ideeli orkut odeo ipsum.

What? Nothing!

{dummy wordlist="What? Nothing!" s="3"}
Erm... Huh? What? Huh? What? Erm... Huh? Erm... Erm... Huh? What? Nothing! NOTHING!!! NOTHING!!! What? Erm... Nothing! Erm... Huh? Erm... Erm... Erm... Erm... Nothing! Erm... Nothing! Erm... Erm... NOTHING!!! Huh? What? NOTHING!!! Nothing! Erm... Erm... What? What? What? NOTHING!!! Huh?

Diacritical Marks Pro only


Diacritics: á č ď é ě í ň ó ř š ť ú ů ý ž

{dummy diacritics="Czech" s="3"}
Vehičula rutrum augůe sem šóllicitudin integer fames habiťaňt sagiťtis donec gřavida dictumst lobóřtis sušcipit důís čubilia cubilía sagíttis. Accúmsáň dicťům, convalliš čurae ťempús, antě anťe ťortór tácíti íd ňisl! Feřmentum placerat hendrěriť ságiťťis cuřabitur cubilia bibendum vitae eť ětiam aptent sápien.


Diacritics: å æ é ø

{dummy diacritics="Danish" s="3"}
Odio molestié sociosqu maecenas, pulvinar ødiø érat, sociosqu ipsum hendrérit témpør pråesent luctus lacinia imperdiét. Sagittis commodo fåcilisis vitåe at, elementum posuere posuere morbi! Vivérra non quam imperdiet donec pér porta purus sit primis inceptos lorém cøngue purus duis mi vivamus aliquam.


Diacritics: é ë ï ó ö ü

{dummy diacritics="Dutch" s="3"}
Netüs témpor nullam phasellus ante süscïpit cras, rhöncus tórtor pharétra bibendum sit etïam felis dönec suscipit litora class ligula. Augüe nisi a vël nisl vëstibulum rutrum iaculis turpis suscipït pelléntësque pulvïnar magna posueré cürae hac varius. Condïmentum hac faucibus, fames nam nibh, vivamus facilïsis ultrices.


Diacritics: c g h j s u

{dummy diacritics="Esperanto" s="3"}
Libero bibendum feliŝ morbi id dŭis non ad ultriĉies elit qŭisque sapien magna fermentum! Imperdiet netus pellentesqŭe potenti pretium faucibus, amet venenatis lectuŝ in malesŭada praesent ad velit convalliŝ malesuada nŭlla! Nibh aenean laĉinia, auctor ŝuŝcipit nisl platea, curae quisque etiam.


Diacritics: ä å ö

{dummy diacritics="Finnish" s="3"}
Pellentesque sociosqu portå pretium hac iaculis, ligula curabitur örnare dui duis diam scelerisque plåtea dui elementum fames. Pösuere fermentum fringillå sodales varius ultricies, primis etiam elementum hac mattis. Cönubiå praesent låöreet dapibus, dapibus amet orci justo, volutpat etiam risus purus vulputåte.


Diacritics: à â æ ç é è ê ë ï î ô œ ù û ü ÿ

{dummy diacritics="French" s="3"}
Phàsellûs fûsce adipiscîng primis tempus egestas maêcenas etiam pulvinâr semper. Neque aptent maecênas est eros egestâs dïam dapibus vel suscipit mattis elementum non ullàmcorper elementum pretium rhoncus. Nisl çurae posûere ligula sollicitudïn dictumst pharetra.


Diacritics: ä ö ü

{dummy diacritics="German" s="3"}
Eget pülvinar pharetra ultricies quam odio egestas äptent, euismod urnä enim suscipit tortör eget cräs aeneän. Taciti cras pharetra et elementum nulla varius risüs quam duis aenean at vehicüla sodales conübiä feügiat convallis pulvinar. Risus eleifend, tempör erat ultricies, mölestie tincidünt nön diam äptent dolör convallis vitae.


Diacritics: á é í ö ó o ü ú u

{dummy diacritics="Hungarian" s="3"}
Vitáe conséctetur éuísmod semper conubia nec qűisque felis ultríces metus nisi dui práésent témpor. Lobortis cras dictűmst commodó vel, consectetur vulputáte viverra fácilísis. Dapibűs nisí át ipsum vitáe orci lectus ínterdum máurís.


Diacritics: á æ ð é í ó ö ú ý

{dummy diacritics="Icelandic" s="3"}
Nunc pörttitor eu sapíen consectetur varius amet tortör! Odíö dictum lacinia justo, pháretra himénáeós úllamcorper viverra anté integér ante libéró id. Nec ac odíó egestás aenean pellentésqúe cúráe ullamcörper phasellus vivamus téllús rutrum.


Diacritics: à è é ì ò ó ù

{dummy diacritics="Italian" s="3"}
Netus sit luctus hac, dolor quam in, àuguè lacus eros sodàles. Lorem amet ètiam, pellentesqùe felis platea est inceptos netùs nisi conubia molestie cònvallis. Clàss cóndimentum interdum convàllìs mì condìmèntum sémper, mauris consectetur dui cursus lacinia ad cùbilìa lacinia sagittis.


Diacritics: a e i o u

{dummy diacritics="Maori" s="3"}
Purus tempus ēlementūm bibendum fusce sōciosqu mālesuadā suspendissē potēnti commodo mi at euismod. Ad sōdales, pūrūs diām consequat phāretra, ūltrices intērdum consectetur duīs hendrerit. Aptent elīt velit pretīum cōnsequat cōmmodō pūlvinar, sodales accumsan blandit nullā eū lāciniā sōllīcītudin tempor.


Diacritics: å æ â é è ê ø ó ò ô

{dummy diacritics="Norwegian" s="3"}
Tincidunt étiam senèctus velit condimentum, fermentum bibendum ac lectus cubiliå integér ac inceptos fringilla; Accumsån at mi tòrquent semper class blandit commodô praesent vitaê Purus at sem molestie lectus malésuada duis viverra id ipsum nôstra sapiên cursus nullåm sociosqu facilisis porttitor dictum.


Diacritics: a c e l n ó s z z

{dummy diacritics="Polish" s="3"}
Faćiliśis ałiquam augue augue non mętus aliquąm primis dictumśt accumsań libero eget aptent sed lobortis ąućtor maecenas. Id nuńc ęgęt, nón mętus vulputąte, commodo laoreet hac dolor! Posuere aenean ćonubia vel sodalęs mąlęsuada ńąm.


Diacritics: ã á â à ç é ê í õ ó ô ú ü

{dummy diacritics="Portuguese" s="3"}
In curae erat, quam proin semper ut praêsent tincidunt. Haç habitánt ipsum aliquam, lorem vêl lacinía, fames integer per êt luctús tinçidünt! Mágna vêhicula màgna intêrdum pôsuere órnare luctus êgestas quam gravida in.


Diacritics: ă â î ș ş ţ ț

{dummy diacritics="Romanian" s="3"}
Mattis egeț lecțus molestie risus vîtae elementum est, arcu sed aptent lectus nullăm frîngilla. Anţe rhoncus turpiș mâecenăş quis varius porta, varîus sagiţtîs telluş lîtora! Mattis morbi, aptent torţor cubilia dicțum, eget semper habiţănt lorem habitasse rîsus sociosqu.


Diacritics: а б в г д е ё ж з и й к л м н о п р с т у ф х ц ч ш щ ы э ю я

{dummy diacritics="Russian" s="3"}
Posuere вehиcula conguэ ameт матtis platea felis dapiбуs eu пoртtitоr est hendreрiт лaоreeт хаbiтasse. Eu цурabiтur cонvalliс leo, лigula aptэнt nec, voлutпаt metus цonсeцтeтur цуrsuс Curabиtuр curаe pellenteсque nullа phasellуs cursus enim, тoрqуenт ацcuмsan intэger улlamcorпer.


Diacritics: á é í ñ ó ú ü

{dummy diacritics="Spanish" s="3"}
Lorem turpis condimentum cras íd dúi próiñ facilisis socíosqu egestas porta neqüe mi tempus facilisís veñénatis euismod tacíti. Magná ante varíus sodales sollicitudin habítassé laóreét iáculis gravida donec lorem. Sóllícitudin metús fames amet, cübiliá semper véneñátis, amet vélit interdum nisi mollis.


Diacritics: ä å é ö

{dummy diacritics="Swedish" s="3"}
Inceptos est imperdiet consequat netus etiam, orci ultricies amet euismod sollicitudin; éleifend felis orci élementum tortor himénaeos égestäs målesuada dönec per ultricies témpus elit tortor laoréét ut sem ligula morbi vestibulum. Sapien ipsum, purus platea turpis, fusce taciti sempér.


Diacritics: ç g i I i ö s ü

{dummy diacritics="Turkish" s="3"}
Sapien laoreet euişmod risüs mı pharetra tinçidunt venenatis platea hendrerit non placerat tinçidünt nunc taçİtı Viverra tortor, odiö pharetra in cömmodo, sodaleş condimentum lorem mölestıe purus mattİs eşt. Risus ligula nam vitae morbi lobortiş sagittis neque sodales aliquet nullam erös praesent ut consequat praeşent pretiüm.


Diacritics: â ê î ô û ŵ ŷ ä ë ï ö ü ẅ ÿ á é í ó ú ẃ ý à è ì ò ù ẁ ỳ

{dummy diacritics="Welsh" s="3"}
Odiö häbïtant ìnterdum tïncïdünt imperdiet netùs dûi, grâvïda maecenas màttis sociosqu proin dictumst scelerisque sagittis eleifend. Conguê id cras venenatis, sém qùâm nec, ante úllamcorper dolor nequê fusce dictum érât. Primis tellus quam sociôsqu, düis pretïum mollis, ut et in risus sempèr inceptos venenatis nullám!


Basic Options

Default type Select the type of view to use by default. This setting can be overruled in the tag with the following attributes: paragraphs or p, sentences or s, words or w, list or l, kitchensink or k, title or t, email or e, image or i

Options: Kitchen Sink, Paragraphs, Sentences, Words, List
Default number of paragraphs The default number of paragraphs used when not setting any parameters in the tag. This setting can be overruled in the tag with paragraphs=123 or p=123
Default number of sentences The default number of sentences used when not setting any parameters in the tag. This setting can be overruled in the tag with sentences=123 or s=123
Default number of words The default number of words used when not setting any parameters in the tag. This setting can be overruled in the tag with words=123 or w=123
Default number of list items The default number of list items used when not setting any parameters in the tag. This setting can be overruled in the tag with l=123 or list=123
Default List Type The default list type to use. This setting can be overruled in the tag with listtype="rando"m", listtype="ol", listtype="ordered", listtype="ul" or listtype="unordered"
Word List Select the wordlist to use by default.
Diacritical marks â ê î ô û ŵ ŷ ä ë ï ö ü ẅ ÿ á é í ó ú ẃ ý à è ì ò ù ẁ ỳ

Options: None, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Esperanto, Finnish, French, German, Hungarian, Icelandic, Italian, Maori, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, Welsh
Placeholder Images
Image Service Select the online image rendering service to use. This setting can be overruled in the tag with image_service="dummyimage"

Options: PickaDummy.com, DummyImage.com, FakeIMG.pl, PlaceHolder.com, PlaceSkull.com, LoremPixel.com, PlaceIMG.com, PlaceBeard.it, Unsplash.it
Width The default width of images. This setting can be overruled in the tag with width="123"
Height The default height of images. This setting can be overruled in the tag with height="123"
Show Dimensions Select to show the dimensions of the image as text inside the image.
Colour Scheme Select whether to show colored or greyscale images. This setting can be overruled in the tag with color="1" or color="0"
Colour Scheme Select whether to show colored, greyscale or sepia images. This setting can be overruled in the tag with color="color", color="greyscale" or color="sepia"
Random Background Color Select to generate random background colors. Every image will have a different background color. This setting can be overruled in the tag with text_color="random" or text_color="#123456"
Start Color Range The start number to generate the random background colors. A number from 0 (dark) to 255 (light).
End Color Range The end number to generate the random background colors. A number from 0 (dark) to 255 (light).
Background Color The background color. This setting can be overruled in the tag with color="#123456"
Background Opacity The opacity of the background color. A number from 0 (transparent) to 100 (opaque). This setting can be overruled in the tag with opacity="80"
Text Color The text color (foreground). This setting can be overruled in the tag with text_color="#123456"
Text Opacity The opacity of the text color. A number from 0 (transparent) to 100 (opaque). This setting can be overruled in the tag with text_opacity="80"
Show Text Select whether to show the dimensions or a custom text inside the image. This setting can be overruled in the tag with text="none", text="dimensions" or text="My Text"
Custom Text The text to show inside the image. This setting can be overruled in the tag with text="My Text"
Text Font Select the font to use for the text inside the image. This setting can be overruled in the tag with font="lobster"

Options: bebas, lobster, museo, yanone
Category Select the image category. This setting can be overruled in the tag with category="none" or category="animals"

Options: None, Abstract, Animals, Business, Cats, City, Fashion, Food, Nature, Night Life, People, Sports, Technical, Transport
Category Select the image category. This setting can be overruled in the tag with category="none" or category="animals"

Options: None, Animals, Architecture, Nature, People, Technical

Advanced Options

Dummy Content tag The word to be used in the tags.

Note: If you change this, all existing tags will not work anymore.
Tag Characters The surrounding characters of the tag syntax.

Note: If you change this, all existing tags will not work anymore.

Options: {...}, [...], {{...}}, [[...]], [:...:], [%...%]
Disable on Components Select in which frontend components NOT to enable the use of this extension.
Remove in Disabled Components If selected, the plugin syntax will get removed from the component. If not, the original plugins syntax will remain intact.
Enable in administrator If enabled, the plugin will also work in the administrator side of the website.

Normally you will not need this. And it can cause unwanted effects, like slowing down the administrator and the plugin tags being handled in areas you don't want it.

Editor Button Options

Button Text This text will be shown in the Editor Button.
Enable in frontend If enabled, it will also be available in the frontend.


You can either install Dummy Content by using the core extension manager available in the Joomla! Administrator Control Panel, or by using the powerful Regular Labs Extension Manager.

Note: When updating Dummy Content, you do not need to uninstall it first. The package will update all the files automatically.

Keep in mind that when you update to a major new version (or uninstall first), you might lose some configuration settings.

Regular Labs Extension Manager

It is very easy to install/update any Regular Labs Extension using the Regular Labs Extension Manager.

Please see the Tutorial for the Regular Labs Extension Manager for more detailed information...

Joomla! Extension Manager

To install via the Joomla! Extension Manager, just follow these steps:

  1. Log into your Joomla administrator;
  2. In the menu, choose: Extensions >> Extensions;
  3. Choose the tab: Install from Web (or enable it if you haven't done so yet);
  4. Select the search field and enter Dummy Content and hit enter;
  5. Click on the Dummy Content listing;
  6. Click on Install;
  7. Click on Install to confirm.
Joomla! Installer - Install from Web

Or if you need to install the Pro version or cannot install via the 'Install via Web' method for some reason:

  1. Download the extension install file (.zip);
  2. Log into your Joomla administrator;
  3. In the menu, choose: Extensions >> Extensions;
  4. Choose the tab: Upload Package File;
  5. Click on the Choose File button and select the extension zip;
  6. Click on Upload & Install.
Joomla! Installer - Upload Package File

If you have problems installing Dummy Content, please try the manual installation process as described here: docs.joomla.org/Installing_an_extension