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  • Last updated: 13-Feb-2018
  • Version: 5.1.0
  • Types: System plugin Editor button plugin
  • Joomla rating: 100%
Joomla rating: 100%

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Tutorial for Dummy Content

There is a Free and a Pro version of Dummy Content.
The parts in this tutorial that only concern the Pro version will be marked with: Pro only


Dummy Content is an editor button and system plugin (Joomla extension) that helps you place random dummy text into your article. Or in any other content item that has an editor, like Custom HTML Modules, category descriptions, 3rd party content, ...

Content or Tags

Dummy Content - Editor Button popup

Dummy Content can place dummy text into your article via 2 methods.


First method is that it simply places the dummy text directly into your article. You can then save the article and the content is in there.


But you can also simply insert a tag into your content: {dummy}

Dummy Content will replace that tag in the frontend with a dynamically generated dummy text based on the settings in the Dummy Content system plugin.

Content types

You have the option to insert different types of dummy content either directly or via the tag.

  • Kitchen Sink
    The Kitchen Sink is a mash-up of the other available content types. So it will display a random number of titles, paragraphs, lists, email addresses and images (images only available in the pro version).
  • Paragraphs
    A given number of paragraphs, with a random number of sentences and words.
  • Sentences
    A given number of sentences, with a random number words.
  • Words
    A given number of words.
  • List
    An ordered or unordered list with a given number of list items (or random amount).
  • Title
    A given number of words in title case.
  • Email
    An email address consisting of dummy words for the part before and after the @ sign.
  • Image Pro only
    An image with the given width and height. The image will be generated by one of the online dummy image services. See under 'Images' for further explanation.


You can place a {dummy} anywhere you can enter content in Joomla.

Dummy Content will replace that tag in the frontend with a dynamically generated dummy text based on the settings in the Dummy Content system plugin.

But you can overrule pretty much any setting inside the tag to make it output what you want.

The editor button will generate the appropriate tag according to the settings in the editor button popup.

Here is an explanation of all the available types and settings you can place in the tag to overrule the default settings (set in the Dummy Content system plugin):

  • Kitchen Sink
    {dummy kitchensink}
  • Paragraphs
    {dummy p="2"} or {dummy paragraphs="2"} for 2 paragraphs, {dummy p="5"} for 5 paragraphs, etc.
  • Sentences
    {dummy s="10"} or {dummy sentences="10"} for 10 sentences, {dummy s="20"} for 20 sentences, etc.
  • Words
    {dummy w="100"} or {dummy words="100"} for 100 words, {dummy w="200"} for 200 words, etc.
  • List
    {dummy l="random"} or {dummy list="random"} for a list with 2 to 10 list items, {dummy l="5" listtype="ul"} for an unordered list with 5 list items, {dummy l="3" listtype="ol"} for an ordered list with 3 list items, etc.
  • Title
    {dummy t="5"} or {dummy title="5"} for 5 words in title case, {dummy t="10"} for 10 words in title case, etc.
  • Email
    {dummy e} or {dummy email} for an email address.
  • Image Pro only
    {dummy i} or {dummy image} for an image. See under 'Images' for further explanation

Word Lists Pro only

By default Dummy Content will use random words from the famous Lorem Ipsum text to generate the different texts.

The Pro version however, offers you a bunch of alternative word lists to choose from.

You can set a word list as default in the Dummy Content system plugin settings. But you can also override the default setting via the {dummy} tag using wordlist="...".

Here a list of the available alternative word lists and an example of the text it can generate:

  • Arabic
  • Bacon Ipsum
  • Baseball Ipsum
  • Bavaria Ipsum
  • Beer Ipsum
  • Bowie Ipsum
  • Cheese Ipsum
  • Corporate Ipsum
  • Cupcake Ipsum
  • Cyrillic
  • Esperanto
  • Fishier Ipsum
  • Gangsta Ipsum
  • Gibberish Ipsum
  • Greek
  • Hebrew
  • Hindi
  • Hipster Ipsum
  • Interlingua
  • L33tspeak
  • Lorem Ipsum
  • Luxembourgish
  • Pommy Ipsum
  • Quenya
  • Slovio
  • Sona
  • Space Ipsum
  • Tokipona
  • Volapük
  • Web 2.0 Ipsum
  • What? Nothing!

See below for examples

Custom Word Lists

Want to add your own Word List?
Just add a simple .txt file to the folder plugins/system/dummycontent/src/wordlists

Then in that file you can place each phrase (word, sentence or even a complete paragraph) on it's own line. So the file contains an enter-separated list.
You can look at the contents of the other Word List files as an example.

Words and short phrases should be lowercase (unless you want to force an uppercase, for instance with the first letter of names).
Sentences and paragraphs should end with a period or other ending character.

For instance, if you want to have a custom word list with a bunch of words and sentences concerning 'Startrek', you can create a file:

The content of that startrek.txt file could look like:

Starship Enterprise
Shields up!
Damage report?
I recommend we transfer power to phasers and arm the photon torpedoes.
Something strange on the detector circuit.
The weapons must have disrupted our communicators.
hydrogen-carbon helix patterns
... etc ...

Diacritical Marks Pro only

With the Pro version you can randomly add diacritical marks to letters.

You can set a language (set of diacritical marks) as default in the Dummy Content system plugin settings. But you can also override the default setting via the {dummy} tag using diacritics=.

Here a list of the available languages to choose from:

  • Czech: á č ď é ě í ň ó ř š ť ú ů ý ž
  • Danish: å æ é ø
  • Dutch: é ë ï ó ö ü
  • Esperanto: ĉ ĝ ĥ ĵ ŝ ŭ
  • Finnish: ä å ö
  • French: à â æ ç é è ê ë ï î ô œ ù û ü ÿ
  • German: ä ö ü
  • Hungarian: á é í ö ó ő ü ú ű
  • Icelandic: á æ ð é í ó ö ú ý
  • Italian: à è é ì ò ó ù
  • Maori: ā ē ī ō ū
  • Norwegian: å æ â é è ê ø ó ò ô
  • Polish: ą ć ę ł ń ó ś ź ż
  • Portuguese: ã á â à ç é ê í õ ó ô ú ü
  • Romanian: ă â î ș ş ţ ț
  • Russian: а б в г д е ё ж з и й к л м н о п р с т у ф х ц ч ш щ ы э ю я
  • Spanish: á é í ñ ó ú ü
  • Swedish: ä å é ö
  • Turkish: ç ğ ı İ ı ö ş ü
  • Welsh: â ê î ô û ŵ ŷ ä ë ï ö ü ẅ ÿ á é í ó ú ẃ ý à è ì ò ù ẁ ỳ

See below for examples

Images Pro only

In the Pro version of Dummy Content you can also generate dummy images.

There are a range of online dummy image services you can choose from. Each have different options, like text overlays, photo categories, colour scheme, foreground and background colours.

Here is a list of the available image services and some example images:


  • PickaDummy.com (Default)
  • DummyImage.com
  • FakeIMG.pl
  • PlaceHolder.com
  • PlaceSkull.com

    [Click on image to refresh]


  • LoremPixel.com (can be very slow)

    [Click on image to refresh]
  • PlaceIMG.com

    [Click on image to refresh]
  • PlaceBeard.it

    [Click on image to refresh]
  • Unsplash.it (can be very slow)

    [Click on image to refresh]


Below are some examples of generated dummy texts via the {dummy} tag.


{dummy paragraphs="3"}

Velit pretium lectus molestie dictum maecenas eros cursus pulvinar phasellus elementum phasellus tristique dolor ad hac laoreet consectetur sapien. Faucibus tristique felis augue, porta luctus ac, malesuada porttitor vulputate vulputate aenean urna! Feugiat tellus fusce eleifend nec dapibus ipsum integer tellus blandit sapien dui augue enim nullam viverra dapibus ut iaculis varius. Tristique quam aptent, amet tincidunt leo rhoncus vivamus nulla primis; Faucibus eros cras euismod, fames pretium tempor rhoncus mollis pretium. Ad sapien sem iaculis est blandit vel erat eget vivamus odio iaculis primis porttitor sed bibendum fringilla ornare laoreet justo.

Condimentum curabitur, condimentum vel condimentum, platea tempus nullam sollicitudin posuere eu cursus duis; Ad facilisis at laoreet, aenean odio varius porta, pulvinar amet dictum purus nulla cras odio dui! Adipiscing pharetra ullamcorper metus commodo tortor, gravida congue adipiscing varius ad diam pulvinar; Lobortis malesuada convallis morbi tristique eget erat duis. Lobortis conubia gravida hac dictumst, himenaeos pretium ornare sed imperdiet; Sagittis fusce potenti, velit ornare cubilia consectetur, metus sagittis curabitur habitasse donec vehicula dapibus torquent.

Cras lacus ante ac taciti, sodales laoreet luctus scelerisque. Erat consectetur congue, accumsan dolor consectetur, egestas auctor felis sit massa. Tincidunt dictum habitant, mollis cursus hendrerit, inceptos mollis integer ornare luctus sem.


{dummy sentences="5"}
Class aliquet morbi aenean odio, ante duis mattis non mattis. Laoreet accumsan id ante purus consequat. Fames adipiscing libero imperdiet sagittis condimentum sed, aliquam ipsum amet morbi mollis ullamcorper mauris lorem accumsan! Luctus aliquam sed dui tempor lacus imperdiet quam consequat vivamus. Ultrices conubia in congue semper, fringilla curabitur luctus tristique malesuada conubia.


{dummy words="200"}
dapibus cubilia pulvinar donec curabitur mauris commodo fusce class pharetra tortor tellus et libero tristique porttitor faucibus justo commodo eu in viverra eleifend commodo hac integer vitae odio condimentum eros lectus orci est rhoncus egestas nibh imperdiet pellentesque tincidunt aenean condimentum pulvinar tempus ornare tortor duis elit curae fusce mauris sit interdum pulvinar pulvinar egestas cubilia vel ornare pharetra venenatis feugiat fermentum vulputate libero nostra in condimentum fames cubilia bibendum ornare lobortis enim massa per elit nostra hendrerit primis mattis interdum fames sollicitudin vel elementum accumsan donec dapibus vestibulum dapibus morbi sagittis eu arcu tristique diam id dui potenti iaculis luctus magna leo class netus non duis etiam inceptos eros condimentum sociosqu dolor nostra sed vitae sed urna curae scelerisque pulvinar in eget et ante aliquam ornare consequat vel pellentesque odio enim praesent est conubia tempor quam class eleifend fringilla curae dapibus primis imperdiet nunc aliquam eu interdum sollicitudin lorem varius nisi sociosqu nisl platea dictumst velit nam suscipit id tristique risus nunc mi sed tortor rhoncus nisi ad fusce ullamcorper semper duis vivamus felis hendrerit conubia integer felis urna euismod convallis eros est suscipit venenatis senectus vestibulum semper in velit inceptos vulputate enim sed nisi aliquet blandit ligula molestie


{dummy list}
  • aliquet laoreet diam felis augue venenatis
  • est suscipit consequat
  • justo felis risus sit sem
  • tempor himenaeos lorem sit aptent arcu vestibulum egestas posuere
  • pretium mauris congue purus
{dummy list="5" listtype="ordered"}
  1. eu dictumst pellentesque nisl odio
  2. pulvinar elit curabitur orci
  3. vel nullam lorem ornare proin lacinia nibh
  4. ligula mollis odio convallis amet scelerisque massa
  5. placerat primis bibendum pharetra vel eros nec eu duis duis


{dummy title="10"}
Dui Integer Primis Duis Primis Velit Feugiat Tempus Tortor Platea


{dummy email}


{dummy image}


{dummy type="image" width="500" height="200" greyscale="yes" text="dimensions" font="3Dumb"}


{dummy type="image" width="500" height="200" service="lorempixel" category="animals" text="My Image"}


{dummy type="image" width="300" height="300" service="placeskull"}

Kitchen Sink

{dummy kitchensink}

Quisque Tellus

Nam ad quam platea, suscipit sollicitudin metus, sit luctus dolor. Netus elit luctus non semper aliquam mauris, nisl potenti porttitor augue torquent magna lorem dapibus phasellus.

Netus Odio Fames Ac

Scelerisque litora himenaeos orci vel amet lobortis justo lectus. Integer metus potenti, eget feugiat odio nisl class cubilia. Ut placerat sit aliquet tristique adipiscing eleifend molestie nunc dolor senectus egestas luctus sit hendrerit posuere nullam morbi urna tellus. Ac viverra sollicitudin sit quis ante augue. Nisl cubilia sit vel mattis ut et leo, risus pellentesque lobortis dictum urna nulla conubia felis aptent etiam cras commodo; Sem in nibh velit phasellus ac posuere arcu eleifend eros luctus venenatis litora orci vestibulum nunc congue diam morbi morbi.

  1. fringilla curae dictumst velit elit mauris venenatis semper
  2. ipsum tempor vel
  3. ut adipiscing per dapibus eros erat interdum mi diam

Pellentesque Primis Per Torquent

In mi, convallis ultrices non porta, viverra inceptos eleifend. Tortor sodales molestie sagittis, euismod porta lorem, varius per suscipit himenaeos quis laoreet. Mollis class nibh volutpat, eu sapien rhoncus lacus vehicula dictum consectetur. Arcu sollicitudin sem pretium nec luctus donec aenean, vivamus pretium mollis varius tincidunt. Nostra sit habitant conubia maecenas a metus pretium felis praesent elit enim sagittis vehicula. Augue maecenas pretium, pulvinar tempus sodales lectus, volutpat leo mi a. Eros est mauris, vehicula quam vestibulum, id faucibus elit rhoncus. In tellus inceptos tortor proin suspendisse eget sociosqu tempor mattis ipsum lacus mollis nunc malesuada.

Ullamcorper blandit cras platea taciti libero magna eu eu turpis; Lectus eleifend viverra curae at pellentesque donec massa neque dictumst himenaeos vehicula nibh tincidunt lacus libero eu aenean cubilia. Donec vulputate mollis lorem conubia. Nisi cursus dapibus commodo, donec nibh placerat senectus dolor libero feugiat ac eget curae aenean purus. Suspendisse quam adipiscing rutrum, quisque porta habitant, himenaeos potenti faucibus vulputate! Curabitur vitae tempus leo vulputate malesuada ante curabitur cras primis imperdiet donec et duis quis donec; Consectetur neque torquent, nullam orci gravida, cubilia morbi dictumst. Vestibulum dictum, egestas sed tortor, ut posuere aliquet in est.

Velit Faucibus

Ad vitae in rutrum porttitor ullamcorper dolor, malesuada urna accumsan massa habitant nibh sociosqu. Facilisis odio rutrum nibh suscipit condimentum nulla primis tincidunt lacus consectetur aptent convallis odio vel.

Volutpat imperdiet himenaeos bibendum donec ipsum aptent lectus, conubia sociosqu sem hendrerit taciti. Aptent lectus lacinia, tempor mattis nullam nunc hac interdum pellentesque turpis. Turpis quisque aptent nec, vulputate elementum facilisis amet consectetur mauris taciti metus elementum diam; Sapien convallis lectus tempus vivamus cursus erat integer platea malesuada felis taciti et habitasse tellus lorem. Luctus eget suspendisse iaculis massa ut adipiscing posuere arcu enim faucibus dictum. Netus mauris porttitor amet curae netus habitasse risus enim velit sit ut odio. Nisl quam pulvinar, accumsan venenatis sem proin aliquet.

Ornare nibh purus dictum, euismod tristique proin pharetra, iaculis fringilla sodales. Placerat blandit cursus mi inceptos, volutpat neque rhoncus dictumst suspendisse faucibus. Lobortis convallis convallis nullam venenatis posuere mi sociosqu tincidunt aliquam tortor vehicula sem arcu tincidunt hendrerit cras netus. Pharetra auctor, justo ad ante risus, nullam a leo suscipit metus.

Word lists Pro only


{dummy wordlist="Arabic" s="3"}
أن بـ عالمية الغالي مليون غزوه بأيدي ثم أمدها نفس. ستالين حرب يتم سمّي المنتصرة ونستون. ايطاليا، وضم تشيرشل الموسوعة أما وصل, المجتمع عرفها بتخصيص جوي ايطاليا، وعُرفت والحزب استولت بأيدي بفرض!

Bacon Ipsum

{dummy wordlist="Bacon" s="3"}
Andouille andouille meatball frankfurter adipisicing turducken elit beef pork belly eu swine t-bone pork belly. Quis ball tip incididunt, ground round fugiat, meatball ham quis turducken swine. Spare ribs ribeye landjaeger, brisket tenderloin aliqua fatback aliquip ground round.

Baseball Ipsum

{dummy wordlist="Baseball" s="3"}
Bunt starter sidearm left on base, stance hot dog, off-speed hardball cracker jack. Yellow hammer, doubleheader left on base, win assist line drive contact suicide squeeze. Third base hitter bleeder passed ball backstop ball national pastime baseball card small ball team baseball card outfield.

Bavaria Ipsum

{dummy wordlist="Bavaria" s="3"}
Aba gor leck Mordsgaudi, pfiad Marei Rüam, dea See hera measi Obandln. Marei schüds hetschapfah sammawiedaguad Biazelt pfundig umma narrisch, fei Auf der lossn Nia greaßt Stubn Klampfn Hoam Rüam spezi Brodzeid; Is maibam ham oiwei Hendl anbandeln sowos freibia Brodzeid Guglhupf Kimmt.

Beer Ipsum

{dummy wordlist="Beer" s="3"}
Hydrometer pump tun pint pilsner filter pilsner copper scotch dunkle shelf wit seidel acidic enzymes hefe dopplebock bittering hefe bacterial. Units glass dopplebock priming lauter tun wit cider ale hops pilsner racking filter brew exchanger hard. Attenuation exchanger infusion yeast lauter pub tulip extract bitter carbonation black.

Bowie Ipsum

{dummy wordlist="Bowie" s="3"}
Life rolls into one for them. I kiss you, you're beautiful, I want you to walk. Oh no love, you're not alone.

Cheese Ipsum

{dummy wordlist="Cheese" s="3"}
Emmental cheese strings red macaroni goat everyone loves pepper jack the big cheese. Goat paneer pepper jack boursin cheesecake cheese and biscuits. Macaroni fondue squirty cheese caerphilly swiss leicester, and stinking de normandie fromage cheese and wine jarlsberg leicester.

Corporate Ipsum

{dummy wordlist="Corporate" s="3"}
Completely synergize scalable e-commerce rather than high standards in e-services Dramatically mesh low-risk high-yield alignments before transparent e-tailers. Dramatically engage high-payoff infomediaries rather than client-centric imperatives, Uniquely deploy cross-unit benefits with wireless testing procedures, Intrinsically incubate intuitive opportunities and real-time potentialities. Quickly coordinate e-business applications through revolutionary catalysts for change, Synergistically evolve 2.0 technologies rather than just in time initiatives, Quickly cultivate optimal processes and tactical architectures Interactively coordinate proactive e-commerce via process-centric "outside the box" thinking.

Cupcake Ipsum

{dummy wordlist="Cupcake" s="3"}
Cheesecake pastry brownie, pudding caramel corn apple pie, soufflé macaroon ipsum liquorice biscuit toffee. Roll faworki roll wafer biscuit gummies, muffin gummi bears danish claw brownie tootsie roll powder. Danish lemon drops pastry caramel corn tootsie roll, carrot cake icing cotton candy pastry caramel corn oat cake amet fruitcake.


{dummy wordlist="Cyrillic" s="3"}
Аугюэ дыфяниэбаж эррэм мовэт нобёз дйжпютандо Одео Хёз Фюйзчыт ыёюз еракюндйа Выро рэгяонэ брутэ тимэам волуптатум. Жэмпэр Алёквюам аккоммодары Щольыат фабыллас адипижкй, нощтыр аэтырно маиорюм конжыквуюнтюр пырикюлёз пюрто тымпор элыктрам мальюизчыт. Ут ёнвидюнт тхэопхражтуз Квюод докэндё Зюаз импэрдеэт фиэрэнт жят эффикеэнди фэюгаят Декам дёко юлламкорпэр ан Адмодум.


{dummy wordlist="Esperanto" s="3"}
Subigi frazenkondukilo filo tempismo por depost finno ina salutfrazo helpi kunmetita imperativo ian hoj multo kurta sis. Multiplikite mis sekvanta tagnokto duontono an franjo disskribado perlabori malantaŭe respondo aliom filo rilativo trae subpropozicio aj kontraŭe. Antaŭmetado avo, sekso alie sen pago, poezio oble iliard.

Fishier Ipsum

{dummy wordlist="Fishier" s="3"}
Spinyfin butterfly ray wahoo, blackfish jewelfish tenuis American sole, bigeye squaretail temperate ocean-bass. Giant wels, eelpout great white shark, zingel weeverfish sandbar shark. Poolfish paradise fish mackerel, collared dogfish kelpfish drum, skipping goby bocaccio yellowbelly tail catfish!

Gangsta Ipsum

{dummy wordlist="Gangsta" s="3"}
Ma volutpat rizzle vivamus nizzle cursus of. Dui fermentizzle velit lacizzle metus the primizzle dictumst tellivizzle to consectetuer enizzle rizzle dizzle eu condimentizzle egestas crazy sit feugizzle. Parturient shizz ... yih! neck dui vivamus.


{dummy wordlist="Gibberish" s="3"}
Carelessly interbred usefully doused especially thus exorbitantly reluctant infectiously supportively fearless untruthful; Hit snuffed mistook exclusively widely misled, rebound badger tentatively hesitantly truthfully ordered ponderous vigorous thickly. August tellingly compatibly genially unimaginative savagely noticeably airily crud rattlesnake daintily submissively vulgar!


{dummy wordlist="Greek" s="3"}
Κυι Φαλλι νο Μολεστιε, σωνσυλ αργυμενθυμ πραεσενθ οπωρθερε φελ ερρεμ Σαεπε ασομμοδαρε. Αππετερε απεριαμ Φιθαε Ινδοστυμ ποσιμ Κυι ελαβοραρετ Νες νονυμυ πυθενθ σιμυλ Φισι Εαμ. Ηαβεο αππετερε ιψυμ σεθερο Αδ φενιαμ Ριδενς σολυμ Σιμυλ ιντελλεγεβαθ μαιεσθατις ερροριβυς Σαεφολα σολυτα.


{dummy wordlist="Hebrew" s="3"}
פוליטיקה אנגלית החלה שדרות שנורו מדינות, הארץ החלל אנא פסיכולוגיה לחבר בישול לערוך מחליטה אנא. האטמוספירה בכפוף אחר אקטואליה אירועים. באגים אספרנטו תנך ואלקטרוניקה, וקשקש לאחרונה טבלאות ישראל, שנתי כניסה מדע תנך לערוך שתי בלשנות.


{dummy wordlist="Hindi" s="3"}
सार्वजनिक बनाकर चुनने, तकनीकी वास्तव बलवान किएलोग, विवरण कैसे स्थिति करता गोपनीयता तकनिकल आवश्यकत प्रसारन. सभीकुछ चुनने, मुख्यतह स्वतंत्रता वहहर प्रतिबध्दता, स्वतंत्रता निरपेक्ष प्रतिबध्दता; अन्तरराष्ट्रीयकरन यायेका वार्तालाप, करके(विशेष उन्हे तकरीबन, शीघ्र ७हल करेसाथ पढने सोफ़्टवेर परस्पर.

Hipster Ipsum

{dummy wordlist="Hipster" s="3"}
Organic DIY Banksy, meh pickled letterpress typewriter, Austin YOLO retro next level bespoke photo booth. Aesthetic literally distillery DIY pug craft beer selvage chia plaid. Fap pickled meggings squid tote bag, food truck direct trade tote bag tofu High Life pickled whatever.


{dummy wordlist="Interlingua" s="3"}
Sed publicate vices europeo, facto illo resultato de, origine auxiliary tres traducite responder. Principalmente traduction introduction africa auxiliar etiam o peano unic in europa tres ille human articulo publicate infra al periodicos publication. Tentation anglese multo complete ille medical, europeo occidental association apprende commun.


{dummy wordlist="L33tspeak" s="3"}
51m1l4r wIlL P4935 +h15 vv0rx 74|<3z f347ur3; (1f f4q y3r vv1|_|_ r35u|7z tH4T c@ch3d w1tH 3N9l1sh k4cH3d L1kE be r35u|7z 5O 45 h1gh-qu4|17y |\/|4c|-|1n3. TH4T mOr3 why kl1x 4lvvAyz U5Ed 91ve, +HE kvv3r33 z33 f1|3 CaN j00'|| d@ Wh1Ch KeYW0rD5 v3r510n f0|2 937.

Lorem Ipsum

{dummy wordlist="Lorem" s="3"}
Eleifend duis malesuada ipsum tincidunt mattis dolor torquent ipsum mauris taciti ornare. Metus dolor nisl inceptos nec fusce, iaculis nunc fames elit augue pharetra iaculis semper risus. Netus imperdiet auctor, eros sagittis elit vulputate euismod rhoncus nisi.


{dummy wordlist="Luxembourgish" s="3"}
Gaart goung Kléder mat, zielen gefällt genuch laanscht, wa bei dem Faarwen Feld aus wait; Riede duerch klinzecht, Mier blo gebotzt, wa heescht d'Pied wait heescht kille stolz. Sin Margréitchen bessert d'Loft erwaacht gutt!

Pommy Ipsum

{dummy wordlist="Pommy" s="3"}
Crisps jolly hockey sticks pork dripping bovver boots narky I'd reet fancy a the old bill. Ey up duck, doofer drizzle a bit miffed, it's just not cricket. At the boozer hard cheese old boy warts and all.


{dummy wordlist="Quenya" s="3"}
Histë lanta lingwë, linta ettë tumna vai, eteminya tam nirmë vírë san Áya! Mornië fernë métima mitya ma ran, antorya lár apa tixë nér sanda qua tárë tulma vaxë tanwë luhta. Tar órë tó tareldar Írë ascarima nalanta vanima, low ta sírë raita sar simpina vailë liptë mirilya mirilya.


{dummy wordlist="Slovio" s="3"}
Ovocx dva zxiznuf dolgju televidenie dikju svadilju cxtirsto vrem lezxajm. Tonkju piatdes mezxunarodju skandalis ili lubovijm partner. Goras nikai uzx vecxer sxuflad delame vasx bi kontainerf pravdauo tvoi informacias mokrju stotikis podpor om lesis domof utro.


{dummy wordlist="Sona" s="3"}
Nedini adeya perinda, feyo vema sigaret muro, rete dite hisatori gisone itani atarenda renni uga. Huro berove nili nedini, zadi kayasada jakine tareyo, bona lakana utila zadi juvio dulo ire. Hukate noci ceba, keya unuda urene ili, rubada unya jenmo vunna itone xen imagi.

Space Ipsum

{dummy wordlist="Space" s="3"}
We have an infinite amount to learn both from nature and from each other. That's one small step for [a] man, one giant leap for mankind. Houston, Tranquillity Base here. The Eagle has landed.


{dummy wordlist="Tokipona" s="3"}
Nasa nena pi, ma olin ale, vi suli sinpin sama poki sijelo open; Suwi utala prep lukin ijo loje pilin! Monsi kule, conj anu mute, sama ali conj lawa kalama vi.


{dummy wordlist="Volapük" s="3"}
Senectus porttitor enim eget purus congue cras interdum eu egestas dui habitasse lectus tempor himenaeos. Proin erat pretium lorem porta sapien, cursus ultricies orci ultricies; Sagittis sagittis eu, nostra mauris nec sagittis, class proin vivamus donec vulputate praesent velit nostra.

Web 2.0 Ipsum

{dummy wordlist="Web 2.0" s="3"}
Joost orkut mozy jumo blyve ideeli, whrrl zlio zlio ipsum waze sococo quora meebo balihoo lanyrd. Insala zoho skype babblely cuil meebo oooj! Squidoo foodzie hulu waze, mozy grockit bitly, woopra zanga lijit prezi webtwo.

What? Nothing!

{dummy wordlist="What? Nothing!" s="3"}
What? Huh? Huh? What? Nothing! Erm... What? What? What? Nothing! Erm... Huh? What? Huh? NOTHING!!! NOTHING!!! What? Nothing! Erm... Erm... What? NOTHING!!! Erm... Erm... Huh? NOTHING!!! What? NOTHING!!! Huh? What? Huh? Erm... NOTHING!!! Nothing! Huh? Huh? Huh? Erm... Nothing!

Diacritical Marks Pro only


Diacritics: á č ď é ě í ň ó ř š ť ú ů ý ž

{dummy diacritics="Czech" s="3"}
Fames litora suscipit feugíat, inceptos neťus rhoncúš nisl urna egéstas. Morbi mětus sušcipit iaculís ťempor nisl cómmodo lectús venenatis eu variuš sodáles porta. Vivámus pulvíňar sagiťťis sem vivamuš těllus ňetuš torquěnt egesťas suscipít čras trístíque tórqúent moleštie habitášse in libeřó congue.


Diacritics: å æ é ø

{dummy diacritics="Danish" s="3"}
Etiåm åptent ultrices blåndit vulputate cras, dictum énim ét in. Taciti tellus fåcilisis urna integer senectus lorem, cubilia nullå maecenas nam libéro égestas pellentesqué purus. Orci vénenatis dapibus pretium commodo et magna platea condimentum curåe sapién nunc arcu massa imperdiet.


Diacritics: é ë ï ó ö ü

{dummy diacritics="Dutch" s="3"}
Habitant antë aügue morbi sed ërat at elit bibendum magna dapibus lorem proin morbi auctór facilisis lëctus; Eros eget facïlïsis per convallïs molestie non bibendum. Consequat accümsan platea sénectus nequé bibéndum varius sem, quis class süspéndisse consequat a mollïs curae magna cursus ac fuscé pharetra.


Diacritics: c g h j s u

{dummy diacritics="Esperanto" s="3"}
Et nostra amet netus habitasse diam, porta convallis vel mattiŝ lŭctuŝ viverra leĉtus vehiĉula dŭis rhoncus senectus dapibuŝ Arcŭ accumŝan fameŝ dolor proin, habitasŝe nisi per inteĝer duis vehiĉŭla eu curabitur etiam sem. Litora blandit risus quam clasŝ quis massa nostra, aliquam congue vŭlputate eleifend tempor eĝet.


Diacritics: ä å ö

{dummy diacritics="Finnish" s="3"}
Litora euismod viverra porta nulla, himenåeos litora risus nibh congue fusce fermentum nisl quam lacus scelerisque semper. Eros låciniå maecenas löbortis bibendum semper duis äptent äliquet bibendum mollis. Sit mi aliquet metus venenatis duis ånte luctus volutpat måecenas aliquam dictum vestibulum.


Diacritics: à â æ ç é è ê ë ï î ô œ ù û ü ÿ

{dummy diacritics="French" s="3"}
Vestibulum proin netûs, nibh lorem lâçinia tempôr ad nam. Praesént luctus ultriçès tempûs faucibüs pürus libèro qûis tortor nisl susçipit aliquet nam. Semper pharetra nisl, blandit ôdio proin, vehicula at ullamçorper augue tristiqué.


Diacritics: ä ö ü

{dummy diacritics="German" s="3"}
Morbi cursus, vehiculä tincidunt imperdiet, vel erös urnä läoreet. Vestibülum hendrerit hendrerit non purus nulläm metus blandit, nünc tortor nec risus ültricies per tellus nisi cöndimentum. Turpis accumsan quäm scelerisque velit class quis congüe volütpat äc nisi venenatis vulputate volutpat ultricies potenti möllis interdum eleifend!


Diacritics: á é í ö ó o ü ú u

{dummy diacritics="Hungarian" s="3"}
Praesent sollicitudin, ödio interdüm rísús, íaculis lacinía aenean justo séd malesuada proin. Etiam amet vélit egestás mi quam rhoncus netus tortor magna libéro fusce eros aptent. Accumsan lorem áliqüet nunc ánte aptent fermentum.


Diacritics: á æ ð é í ó ö ú ý

{dummy diacritics="Icelandic" s="3"}
árcu at móllis lácinia diam netus et dönéc phaséllus accumsan vitae! Vel poténti phaséllus ímperdíet venénatis congué praésént fames sít. Mi hác pulvinár cursús, nunc dictumst molestie magna ligúla líbero scelerisqúe.


Diacritics: à è é ì ò ó ù

{dummy diacritics="Italian" s="3"}
Class alìquam at nulla duis ut molèstie integér moléstie gravida sàpien. Sem imperdiet varius bibendum nìsi interdum faùcibus semper làoreet platèa himenaeos clàss bìbendum nullam urna. A antè dictumst òrnarè àccùmsan auctor donec fàùcibus ùt lóbórtis pellentesque pellentesque àmet àccumsan bibendum èuìsmod ìn pulvinar litora.


Diacritics: a e i o u

{dummy diacritics="Maori" s="3"}
Suspēndissē mi cōmmodo adipiscing habitasse inceptōs et congue. Lāciniā odio himēnāeōs placerāt tristiqūe taciti in nec rūtrūm duis est dictum class tristique āptent egestas integer antē sagittīs. Fringilla nullām, hendrerīt aliquam urna, cursus commodo ipsum.


Diacritics: å æ â é è ê ø ó ò ô

{dummy diacritics="Norwegian" s="3"}
Dictum curâe netus ornare, quisque suscipit clåss rutrum, fames nêc fêrmentum. âeneån ad dapibus orci velit, lacus sèm cônubia hendrerit tellus têllus pèr torquent dui libero. Eråt måttis viverra urna scélerisque ad incêptos nullam suscipit urna congue duis sagittis purus!


Diacritics: a c e l n ó s z z

{dummy diacritics="Polish" s="3"}
Sęmper mattis risus gravida facilisis aućtór ęłęmentum vestibułum mi venęnatis metus magna bibęńdum mi accumsan sed sed diam; Tellus accumsan ańte, hąbitąnt pęr laoreet vivamus lećtus odio. Non ą riśus dapibuś vęl mattis susćipit, łućtus justó łaóreet vulputate scęlerisque interdum in aćcumsan auguę elementum erat habitant.


Diacritics: ã á â à ç é ê í õ ó ô ú ü

{dummy diacritics="Portuguese" s="3"}
Aptênt eü ultriçies fermentum, posuere diam sapien, bibendum mí nec dônec gravida. Porta feugiat porttitôr tempus turpis, himenàeos lobortís justo laçiniâ lâoreêt. Nam ôdío dapibus blandit ultrices varius cónvâllis elêifénd hac ínceptós sapíen seneçtus hác arcu lobortis.


Diacritics: ă â î ș ş ţ ț

{dummy diacritics="Romanian" s="3"}
Dictum lacinia lobortis nunc, molesţie țempor vel erat, cubilia tortor aptent conubîa curae vestibulum taciti tacîti! Bibendum ligula morbi uţ suscipit id senectuș nisl. Inceptos praesent plațea porta quisque facilisis aptent rutrum, vivamus scelerişque vivămus curae feugiat elementum velît habitasse potentî neque dictumst himenaeoș.


Diacritics: а б в г д е ё ж з и й к л м н о п р с т у ф х ц ч ш щ ы э ю я

{dummy diacritics="Russian" s="3"}
Maсsa аuctor semper erat pulvиnаr consequat congуe nэtus ipsум quisque тeмпor. Leцtуs erаt cоmмoдо рhonцus rutrum pхaselлus noсtра tortor сit erоs acцuмсan luctus loбortiс Lorem condiмentum, pоrttitор sapien eлiт ligulа рuтrum vиtaэ.


Diacritics: á é í ñ ó ú ü

{dummy diacritics="Spanish" s="3"}
Placerat enim venenátis rutrum sápien gravidá in ante sit etiám congue ornare. Facilísis varius dictumst fermentum, praesént ñuñc lobortis et sed eu ligula dapibus ñétus cras faucibús. Maecenas purus incéptos ligula vélit sit sémper ullámcorper vehicüla nostrá.


Diacritics: ä å é ö

{dummy diacritics="Swedish" s="3"}
Cursus rutrum odio, pharetra primis aliquam tincidunt félis pulvinar pretium tellus dictum mölestié tempor erat. Est lacus fåucibus magnå sagittis portä pulvinar feugiat aliquet quis maecénas sémpér morbi senectus måttis. Urnä phasellus fusce adipiscing, risus metus pharetra, quisqué ipsum vitae.


Diacritics: ç g i I i ö s ü

{dummy diacritics="Turkish" s="3"}
Dapibuş ullamcorper eleifend, morbi non porta curae nam et lacinia ımperdİet lacus. Etıam lacinia faucibus inceptos interdüm. Taciti nullam tempör adipiscing nullam.


Diacritics: â ê î ô û ŵ ŷ ä ë ï ö ü ẅ ÿ á é í ó ú ẃ ý à è ì ò ù ẁ ỳ

{dummy diacritics="Welsh" s="3"}
Varius ultricês sôllicitudin nìsi fames nisl laòreet nullam erät pulvinar senëctus hendrerit purus lacînia. Cûrabitùr congue, primis luctus senectus, maecenâs fames et mauris aliqûet cubïliá rutrum. Litora cursús âc, vehîcula purus ürna tellus, lorem netus malesuáda sempèr ligula elit.


Basic Options

Default type Select the type of view to use by default. This setting can be overruled in the tag with the following attributes: paragraphs or p, sentences or s, words or w, list or l, kitchensink or k, title or t, email or e, image or i

Options: Kitchen Sink, Paragraphs, Sentences, Words, List
Default number of paragraphs The default number of paragraphs used when not setting any parameters in the tag. This setting can be overruled in the tag with paragraphs=123 or p=123
Default number of sentences The default number of sentences used when not setting any parameters in the tag. This setting can be overruled in the tag with sentences=123 or s=123
Default number of words The default number of words used when not setting any parameters in the tag. This setting can be overruled in the tag with words=123 or w=123
Default number of list items The default number of list items used when not setting any parameters in the tag. This setting can be overruled in the tag with l=123 or list=123
Default List Type The default list type to use. This setting can be overruled in the tag with listtype="rando"m", listtype="ol", listtype="ordered", listtype="ul" or listtype="unordered"
Word List Select the wordlist to use by default.
Diacritical marks â ê î ô û ŵ ŷ ä ë ï ö ü ẅ ÿ á é í ó ú ẃ ý à è ì ò ù ẁ ỳ

Options: None, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Esperanto, Finnish, French, German, Hungarian, Icelandic, Italian, Maori, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, Welsh
Placeholder Images
Image Service Select the online image rendering service to use. This setting can be overruled in the tag with image_service="dummyimage"

Options: PickaDummy.com, DummyImage.com, FakeIMG.pl, PlaceHolder.com, PlaceSkull.com, LoremPixel.com, PlaceIMG.com, PlaceBeard.it, Unsplash.it
Width The default width of images. This setting can be overruled in the tag with width="123"
Height The default height of images. This setting can be overruled in the tag with height="123"
Show Dimensions Select to show the dimensions of the image as text inside the image.
Colour Scheme Select whether to show colored or greyscale images. This setting can be overruled in the tag with color="1" or color="0"
Colour Scheme Select whether to show colored, greyscale or sepia images. This setting can be overruled in the tag with color="color", color="greyscale" or color="sepia"
Random Background Color Select to generate random background colors. Every image will have a different background color. This setting can be overruled in the tag with text_color="random" or text_color="#123456"
Start Color Range The start number to generate the random background colors. A number from 0 (dark) to 255 (light).
End Color Range The end number to generate the random background colors. A number from 0 (dark) to 255 (light).
Background Color The background color. This setting can be overruled in the tag with color="#123456"
Background Opacity The opacity of the background color. A number from 0 (transparent) to 100 (opaque). This setting can be overruled in the tag with opacity="80"
Text Color The text color (foreground). This setting can be overruled in the tag with text_color="#123456"
Text Opacity The opacity of the text color. A number from 0 (transparent) to 100 (opaque). This setting can be overruled in the tag with text_opacity="80"
Show Text Select whether to show the dimensions or a custom text inside the image. This setting can be overruled in the tag with text="none", text="dimensions" or text="My Text"
Custom Text The text to show inside the image. This setting can be overruled in the tag with text="My Text"
Text Font Select the font to use for the text inside the image. This setting can be overruled in the tag with font="lobster"

Options: bebas, lobster, museo, yanone
Category Select the image category. This setting can be overruled in the tag with category="none" or category="animals"

Options: None, Abstract, Animals, Business, Cats, City, Fashion, Food, Nature, Night Life, People, Sports, Technical, Transport
Category Select the image category. This setting can be overruled in the tag with category="none" or category="animals"

Options: None, Animals, Architecture, Nature, People, Technical

Advanced Options

Dummy Content tag The word to be used in the tags.

Note: If you change this, all existing tags will not work anymore.
Tag Characters The surrounding characters of the tag syntax.

Note: If you change this, all existing tags will not work anymore.

Options: {...}, [...], {{...}}, [[...]], [:...:], [%...%]
Disable on Components Select in which frontend components NOT to enable the use of this extension.
Remove in Disabled Components If selected, the plugin syntax will get removed from the component. If not, the original plugins syntax will remain in tact.
Enable in administrator If enabled, the plugin will also work in the administrator side of the website.

Normally you will not need this. And it can cause unwanted effects, like slowing down the administrator and the plugin tags being handled in areas you don't want it.

Editor Button Options

Button Text This text will be shown in the Editor Button.
Enable in frontend If enabled, it will also be available in the frontend.


You can either install Dummy Content by using the core extension manager available in the Joomla! Administrator Control Panel, or by using the powerful Regular Labs Extension Manager.

Note: When updating Dummy Content, you do not need to uninstall it first. The package will update all the files automatically.

Keep in mind that when you update to a major new version (or uninstall first), you might lose some configuration settings.

Regular Labs Extension Manager

It is very easy to install/update any Regular Labs Extension using the Regular Labs Extension Manager.

Please see the Tutorial for the Regular Labs Extension Manager for more detailed information...

Joomla! Extension Manager

To install via the Joomla! Extension Manager, just follow these steps:

  1. Log into your Joomla administrator;
  2. In the menu, choose: Extensions >> Extensions;
  3. Choose the tab: Install from Web (or enable it if you haven't done so yet);
  4. Select the search field and enter Dummy Content and hit enter;
  5. Click on the Dummy Content listing;
  6. Click on Install;
  7. Click on Install to confirm.
Joomla! Installer - Install from Web

Or if you need to install the Pro version or cannot install via the 'Install via Web' method for some reason:

  1. Download the extension install file (.zip);
  2. Log into your Joomla administrator;
  3. In the menu, choose: Extensions >> Extensions;
  4. Choose the tab: Upload Package File;
  5. Click on the Choose File button and select the extension zip;
  6. Click on Upload & Install.
Joomla! Installer - Upload Package File

If you have problems installing Dummy Content, please try the manual installation process as described here: docs.joomla.org/Installing_an_extension