Conditional Content

Version: 2.0.8  

Restrict content based on your conditions in Joomla!

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Want to show some text only to registered users?
Or hide some content in December?
Want to display a message for mobile users?
Or hide an image every Monday?
Want to have a piece of text only visible for people from Europe?

You can do that and a whole lot more with Conditional Content!

With Conditional Content you can restrict or grant access to parts of the content based on a wide selection of conditions (based on device, user groups, date ranges, languages and menu items to name a few).

Creating conditions is a easy as placing {show} or {hide} around your special content.

For example, to show a piece of text only to guests (not logged in visitors), you can do this:

{show access="Guest"}You are not logged in yet!{/show}

Or you can hide a promo graphic on weekends:

{hide days="6,7"}<img src="/images/week-special.jpg">{/hide}