Articles Anywhere 8 Released

New Features, Documentation and Video Tutorial!

A new major update for Articles Anywhere comes with significant changes, a completely rewritten documentation, and the first tutorial video.

Articles Anywhere is the powerful Joomla plugin that allows you to insert articles anywhere on your site based on any filters, place specific data (like title, text, images, custom fields, etc) and have full control over how you want to display the articles.

Version 8 has been released today, with new cool features and a completely revamped documentation, now more organized and detailed than ever.

Below you find the changes that have been made in Articles Anywhere 8:

Wildcards in Filters Pro only

You can now use the * wildcard to match articles, categories, tags, custom fields or other filters by only a part of the value.

The following tag will return all articles that have a title/alias starting with 'grey':

{articles articles="grey*"}...{/articles}

The following tag will return all articles that have a title/alias containing 'cat':

{articles articles="*cat*"}...{/articles}

The following tag will return all articles in categories that have a category name ending in 'hound':

{articles category="*hound"}...{/articles}

The following tag will return all articles that have a tag containing 'bold':

{articles tags="*bold*"}...{/articles}

Data from Current Article Pro only

You can now output dynamic data from the article that is currently being displayed, as well as filter by it.


The [this:...] Data Tags will return any available data of the article that contains the Plugin Tag or is being currently displayed.

  • [this:id]
  • [this:title]
  • [this:alias]
  • [this:catid]
  • [this:...] any other available Article Data (must match the column name in the database table).

These could be used in If Structures to highlight the current active article in the list of articles returned by Articles Anywhere.

The following example checks whether the ID of one of the returned articles is the same as the current active article, and if it is, shows a different output (without the link):

{articles categories="My Category"}
{if id = this:id}[title] (current)


Data from the article that contains the Plugin Tag or is being currently displayed, is also available to be used inside any Filter.

This can provide useful especially in combination with Articles Field, to return the list of articles that are pointing to the Current Article via Articles Field, by utilizing this:id:

{articles my-custom-field="this:id"}...{/articles}

You can also use other values such as this:alias.

{articles my-custom-field="this:alias"}...{/articles}

Renamed Data Tags

Many data tags have been renamed to now use - instead of _, in order to make them consistent across the board.

This pertains all data tags that include: ...-url, ...-sefurl, ...-link, author-..., modifier-..., category-..., every-..., is-...-of-...

In addition, the [layout] data tag (which outputs the full article) has now been renamed to [article], making its purpose more clear. The "Layout" title in the editor button has also been renamed accordingly to "Full Article".

If you're using the old data tags syntaxes for those, don't worry. They will still work and be supported as aliases. However, we suggest to switch to the new syntaxes.

And more...

Various other improvements and fixes, including:

  • Adds [is_published] value, which can also be used in If structures
  • Changes the [edit] data tag to output a button (class="btn") with icon instead Pro only
  • Adds [edit-url] and [edit-link]...[/edit-link] tags to create custom edit links Pro only
  • Adds ability to override the class of the edit link via the tag Pro only
  • Adds option to use K2 content (off by default) Pro only
  • Adds support for filtering by K2 tags Pro only

Read the Changelog for Articles Anywhere 8 for the full list of improvements and fixes that have been made in the new release.

On top of the new release, today we have also published the first tutorial video for Articles Anywhere. Check out the "Getting Started" video below which highlights the Free version of Articles Anywhere, and stay tuned for more videos to come soon going through the Pro Version and the Settings of the extension.

Getting started

What is Articles Anywhere and how can you use it in your website?

For a complete overview of all the features included in Articles Anywhere, head over to the full Documentation.