No more free support

Since today - March 1st 2017 - I have stopped offering free support on the free versions of the Regular Labs extensions.

After more than 8 years of offering free support to all my extensions, I have finally had to make the decision to stop doing this.


You can still use the free versions like you have always been able to do. However, I do not offer any support on these anymore.

If you need support on these free versions you have a couple of choices:

  • Purchase a Support subscription for € 5 to get a month access to the support forum
  • Purchase the Pro version of the extension to get a full year access to the support forum AND access to all the Pro features of the extension!
  • Ask for support on a public forum, like the official Joomla forum:


If you already have a Pro subscription, you can of course already access the forum. No change there!